picks Kentucky to win just three football games

Andy Staples of has made his projections for SEC football and he's not too optimistic where Kentucky is concerned.

His prediction: Kentucky will go 3-9 overall and 0-8 in the league.

Andy thinks that Joker Phillips will get shown the door, as well.

“These days, it is sometimes prudent for an athletic director to make a coaching change just to prime the donation pump,” writes Staples. “Unless Kentucky has a miracle season, a change might be the only way to get the money flowing again.”

I haven't made my season won-loss projection yet — look for it next week — but I think the Cats will win more than three games.


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  1. bucksfan2012 says:

    3 wins? that sounds about right. not so sure they will beat western ky, so maybe 2 wins.

  2. Mark Liptak says:

    I can certainly see where Andy is coming from, if things break wrong, the team might check out mentally by mid-season and only get to three wins but I tend to agree with John in that they should win more…they have enough ‘cupcakes’ on the schedule to grab four.

    Four wins is a more realistic possibility. Not much difference I know especially in the matter of Joker being fired.

    Either way in that case, three wins, four wins ‘he gone’ in the words of White Sox TV announcer “Hawk” Harrelson.

    Mark Liptak

  3. jpgfile says:

    3-8 sounds about right to me.