Chris Walker is very impressed with Chris Walker

When Kentucky recruited but did not offer highly-rated Florida forward Chris Walker, speculation persisted that the two did not click, that UK found Walker’s attitude a bit, well, off-putting.

If that’s indeed true, a feature on Walker by Jason Shoot of the Panama City News-Herald gives a glimpse, through Walker’s own words, what might have rubbed some recruiters the wrong way.

Now committed to the Florida Gators, Walker has a pretty high opinion of himself.

“NBA draft people have said I’m like a sick mix of Kevin Garnett and Perry Jones III,” Walker said.

And then there’s this:

“Me now, I’m a high motor for my team,” Walker said. “I can lead a team now. With my skill set, I can play outside or inside, I can post up. I can defend and guard (all five positions), and that’s because of the athleticism I have.”

And finally:

“I can shoot 3s now,” Walker explained. “I can finesse you. I can dunk on you. I can guard anything, and I’m rebounding better. When I block shots I catch the ball. I can post you up with my back to the basket and hit you with a post move. Or I can face you up and use my quickness to blow by you.”

It is no surprise then that Walker indicates he expects to be in Gainesville for just a year before taking his talents to the NBA.

Bradley Beal did the same thing last year at Florida — Beal was the No. 3 pick in the entire draft — yet I don’t remember the former Gator being so up-front about his obviously ample ability.

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