Biancardi says UK fans shouldn’t worry about Noel

Nerlens Noel

In the face of Draft Express’ Jonathan Givony expressing some doubts about Kentucky’s incoming stellar center Nerlens Noel, fractious UK fans might be experiencing angst concerning he of the fabulous flat-top.

ESPNU scouting director Paul Biancardi tells Larry Vaught not to worry.

“When you don’t play or practice as much as you normally do, it will show but it won’t hamper him long term. He has to do more come fall to catch back up, but it is all part of the learning curve when you are playing catch up,” said Biancardi. “He is battle tested. He has played AAU at the highest level. He went o a high level prep school. He has done everything you can in the high school ranks.”

As you remember, John Calipari fired back at Givony with a Facebook post of his own.

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  1. Mark Liptak says:


    I was never concerned in the first place. After all Givony admitted to some other media members that he personally dislikes Cal and dislikes Kentucky.

    So much for “unbiased” reporting no? I mean how smart can you be when you admit something like that in the first place?

    Are reporters biased? Absolutely…it’s human nature.

    It’s impossible to be “completely” neutral on any story because as a human being you have likes, dislikes, and personal opinions formed through life experiences. The difference is though most reporters don’t tell people what those likes and dislikes are.

    Noel will be fine and so will UK. Repeat national championship? Probably not (UK appears to be a player or two short in my opinion…) but another season of 25 or so wins and at least a Sweet 16 appearance.

    Mark Liptak