John Calipari’s latest scheduling pipe dream

John Calipari tells Andy Katz he wants to work out a schedule in which Kentucky, Louisville, Indiana, North Carolina and Kansas play each other home-and-home each season.

In other news, I want to win the lottery.

Kudos to Calipari for trying. The man is not afraid to trial balloon any idea, no matter how much of a pie-in-the-sky it might seem. The coach who forcefully defended drop-kicking Indiana from the Kentucky basketball schedule this year by saying “I schedule for my team, not anybody else's tea” now wants to schedule for other schools.

If he can get it done, more power to him, but it's a long, long shot at best.

Even Katz referred to it as Cal's “latest scheduling gimmick.”

What's interesting here is Calipari indicating he wants the games to be home-and-home series. This comes from the same coach who just a month or so ago said the future was neutral-site games that help prepare his team for the NCAA Tournament. That, said Cal, was the reason he liked UK playing Maryland in Brooklyn and Duke in Atlanta this coming season and then playing Baylor in Arlington, Texas in 2013-14.

If you remember, Indiana wanted to keep the UK-IU series a home-and-home affair, while Calipari wanted the game moved to a 50-50 fan scenario in a place like Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis.

So is Calipari now backing off his “non-traditional” neutral court argument? Or does he know that this idea of having a UK-U of L-KU-UNC-IU scheduling cabal probably won't gain approval from all involved — to be clear, I hope it does — but he can still say he tried.

It may also be that Calipari is looking for a replacement for the Champions Classic, its three-year contract running its course after Kentucky plays Michigan State in Chicago during the 2013-14 season.


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  1. Ken B. says:

    It’s all out-of-season vocal rambling to keep UK basketball front and center in people’s thoughts. Most Kentucky fans are perfectly willing to let the appropriate people within the athletic department make scheduling decisions, especially with regard to non-conference games. Sports columnists and TV talking heads tend to obsess about traditional rivalries, but there are a lot of good rivalry opportunities available that are not historic in nature—Ohio State, West Virginia, and Michigan State, for example. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with playing those opponents, instead of Indiana, Kansas, and North Carolina. They’re all pretty good opponents too.

  2. John Clay says:

    Ken B., I agree. Would love to see a home-and-home with Ohio State especially.

  3. uk4lifan says:

    I understand what you guys are saying but I believe the main reason here is the backlash from the lame home schedule. Calipari knows he let the fans down. It’s pretty bad when some UK fans don’t even want season passes this year. He’s gotta give them something they wan to see.

  4. Catch 22 says:

    Ohio State? Really? Come on guys. Ohio State can’t run in the same circles with the likes of UK, Indiana, North Carolina & Kansas. You guys need to get a few more banners to run with those teams.

  5. Catsmeow says:

    For those unhappy with the non-conference schedule, please give up your season tickets so other folks that are waiting can get them! LOL