Should Drake have received a national championship ring?

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A picture was tweeted on Friday of the University of Kentucky basketball national championship ring received by the recording artist Drake.

Of course, Drake played at the first Big Blue Madness ceremony held after John Calipari was named head coach.

Some believe giving Drake a national championship ring is another stroke of Calipari genius.

Others are not so sure.

What do you think?


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  1. Elkabongrox says:

    It depends on who paid for it. If it was paid for by UK, then the answer is no. If paid for by Cal, then OK but I really don’t see the point. Explain how some see it as a stroke of genius.

  2. Mark Liptak says:

    Not saying I agree with it but here’s the logic behind it. (This is a guess on my part)

    Drake is big with the current generation of players and potential players… giving him a ring basically amounts to free publicity since he’s going to talk about it, maybe even include a mention of it in a future song.

    The word is going to get out quickly among the players that Cal wants to come to Kentucky and its another example of doing something in a “non-traditional” way.

    I am getting a ring from Idaho State (they won the Big Sky regular season and post season title this part year) but I think I earned it in the sense that I broadcast all their games on radio. I don’t see Drake having anything to do with UK winning the title in any capacity but as in other things, I give the benefit of the doubt to Cal.

    The guy has been to a pair of Final Fours and won the title in the past three years.

    That’s good enough for me.

    Mark Liptak

  3. mikea says:

    Why would anyone question Cal after his first three years?

  4. Creston Woodson says:

    The act grossly cheapened the ring!!

  5. PaypalCal says:

    Did World Wide Wesley get his ring too? Adolph Rupp is rolling in his grave right now.

  6. Tyler B. says:

    And people wonder why Cal “gets it.” Why every year he’s landed the #1 recruiting class. Why he puts anywhere from 3-5 players in the NBA each years he’s been at UK. Does Cal do things differently than every college coach in the country? You bet. Do his recruiting/PR tactics “tarnish” the lilly-white brand of NCAA basketball? Please. Cal is a very good coach and a marketing genius. Combine these two together at a program like Kentucky and the results are to be expected. As a die-hard UK fan do I like Drake getting a title ring? Of course not. But if tiny gesture like that helps bring in NBA-ready players year after year to win titles, than I can turn the other cheek. Penn State always did things “the right way.”

  7. Bryan says:

    I guess giving the President a jersey cheapens the jersey as well….

    Great PR move coach keep up the good work

  8. walter says:

    Those two millionaires exchange a little thing like this and the jealous rivals start gnashing their teeth.
    That is the funny thing about this. So what’ the star singer shows up at UK for a game and Cal sends that friend a token of respect. Get over it haters’

  9. scott says:

    The fact that Drake is a supporter of the program doesn’t bother me. The fact that he clames a fan of UK doesn’t bother me. Being a fan, and being die hard passionate are two differant things. Myself a Federal Police Officer and a natural born native right their at the UK hospital am die hard passionate. No matter what state im in my blue and white will fly. This is a PR stunt thats it. No less of a worry. It’s just a ring. And if UK didnt pay for it it. All is well.

  10. Glenn says:

    All the dweebs that respond in such a negative cannot stand the success Cal has had at UK and the record! Their problem; they just wish Cal was their coach! Nuff said!