Connecticut says it is getting back on APR track

As we all know by now, Connecticut is one of 10 basketball programs that is banned from participating in next season’s NCAA Tournament thanks to abysmal APR scores.

What the Huskies want us to know now is that the penalty will be a one-year punishment.

Dom Amore of the Hartford Courant reports that UConn posted a 978 APR score on Wednesday which should help the Huskies get academically back on track.

And chances are that without the much-maligned APR and its public scores, UConn would have gone kept on the same ruinous academic path.

An excerpt:

UConn’s APR for 2010-11, released Wednesday, is 978, which has been widely reported since last fall. The program expects to have at least as high a score for 2011-12.

If it does, the program will be out of APR danger once its one-year sanctions are over.

“The academic culture has changed,” says Ellen Tripp, who is interim director of UConn’s Counseling Program for Intercollegiate Athletics.

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