Rick Pitino’s roster moves are really nothing new

On Monday, Montrezl Harrell commits to an already overstocked Louisville basketball roster. On Wednesday, Louisville announces that Stephan Van Tresse is transferring and has been granted his release. How convenient.

If you think this is a new operating procedure for Rick Pitino, or the U of L coach is bowing to the pressure of competing with John Calipari, think again.

Do the names Carlos Toomer, Aminu Timberlake and Rodrick Rhodes ring a bell?

All played at Kentucky for Pitino. All played at Kentucky until Rick decided they needed to go elsewhere to get the playing time they deserved. He was just doing it for their own good, you see.

Rhodes was the most famous case. He was shown the door after the 1994-95 season so that Pitino could clear a roster spot for Ron Mercer. Before he transferred to Southern Cal, Rhodes applied for the NBA Draft and attended the draft camp in Chicago. I covered that camp and remember asking an NBA assistant coach what he thought of Rhodes.

“Rick’s pushing him out to get a better player, right?” said the assistant, and then he gave me a look to say he had just answered my question.

This current round of waiver-wire moves by Pitino is nothing new.

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  1. Bill says:

    Slick Rick has always been a coach first guy. I really think running off a kid you recruited to make space is wrong and he is as selfish as ever. I can see being honest about how much they may get to ply with the present roster but not his throw away attitude. Sure the Louisville fans will be real get a new player that is most likely an upgrade but when will that school and its fans get some integrity and support some values. Let me see Rick the sleep around guy and Bobby another example of integrity. Well maybe Charlie Strong will be a good guy if his top Florida recruiter does not go down in flames as a result if the Miami problem. How can he sleep wooing a kid and kicking them out like that. These are young men not trading cards.