For scheduling, who is UK’s natural SEC basketball rival?

ESPN’s Andy Katz devotes his entire three-point shot on Tuesday to the SEC basketball schedule, which league coaches will try to hash out at the league meetings in Destin, Florida this week. That is if they can tear themselves away from the beach.

Katz says an 18-game schedule is all but a lock, with teams playing a natural rival twice, then rotating the remaining 12 opponents.

As Andy points out, however, UK may be the one team without an easily identifiable natural rival. You might think it would be Tennessee, but the Vols will probably be matched up with Vanderbilt.

“The easier thing to do is to marry Kentucky and Florida, as has been the case for TV of late as the rivalry game in the SEC and just put Georgia with South Carolina,” writes Katz. “Pitting Kentucky and Florida together makes the most sense because it links the two most dominant programs in the league lately. And it ensures that both schools will get two quality in-conference RPI games.”

Katz says that as far as basketball is concerned, the league won’t return to divisional play.

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