Update on the Julius Mays coach tweet from earlier today

UPDATE: The @CoachLuce42 account has been deleted, although there is a @CoachLuce34 account that has not been used since April 29. The @CoachLuce42 account may have been a fake, per one of my Facebook readers.

Joe Luce, who coached Julius Mays at Marion High School, thinks the former Wright State guard is making a bad decision by transferring to Kentucky.

Luce had openly stated that he expected Mays to commit to Purdue during Mays’ visit there this past weekend.

When Mays chose UK instead, Luce took to twitter to vent.

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  1. Wow, some coaches just don’t get it.

  2. Joe Derringer says:

    I think his coach is a Purdue lover. That does not make Purdue a good match. If he goes to Purdue, he goes no where and is not really noticed. At Kentucky, under Calipari he improves his chances of going pro and gets a legitimate shot at a national championship! Plus, he will practice with some of the best talent in the country, play in Rupp Arena, every game will be televised, he’ll be part of the winningest team in college basketball history, and much more. He made a great choice.

  3. Tery O says:

    Mr Luce let the young man make up his own decission he a man now! Coach Cal knows what he uis doing maybe he see something in Mays that you don’t see!

  4. Norman says:

    I am sure his HS coach knows best since he has not coached him in four or five years. Mays you did good. You will be followed more at UK than at Purdue. UK has a much larger fan base, TV coverage every game nationally, a great coach, great facilities and you are still close to home. It is a no brain-er !!!!!!!!!!!! GCGC!!!

  5. Willy H. says:

    So how much longer do we have before the signing period is over? And, how many more “beast” power forwards are there left?

  6. Seymour says:

    Mays has said that he wants to go into coaching and that he realizes he is not a high draft pick – maybe even not a pick. I do not believe that he plans on playing pro ball. His choice should be, Where will he get the best preparation for coaching. IIRC, his course of study is ‘sports management’.