No sale on Calipari’s “nontraditonal” schedule argument

John Calipari

Ok, I’ve read John Calipari’s rationalization for dropping the series with Indiana from the Kentucky basketball schedule and putting the North Carolina series on hiatus at least for one year.

His title: “Forming a nontraditional schedule for a nontraditional program.”

John Calipari might be college basketball’s greatest salesman, but, sorry, I’m not buying this one.

I thought John Calipari came to Kentucky because of the great tradition.

I thought that “the greatest tradition in the history of college basketball” is the program’s slogan.

Now, when it serves UK’s purpose, it’s a “nontraditional program.”

Calipari has done tremendous good since he took over the program three years ago. He’s won a national title. He’s been to two Final Fours. I can see his stance on most every position. But not this one.

The coach doesn’t want to play in Bloomington. That’s the bottom line. He can spin it any way he wants, but what it comes down to is that he doesn’t want to go back to Assembly Hall. Indiana is more than willing to come to Rupp Arena next season. But Calipari doesn’t want to go to Bloomington the next.

Here’s what bothers me about that: Tom Crean took over an Indiana program that was in shambles. It was on probation. It lacked talent. Crean suffered three losing seasons before he got the Hoosiers to the Sweet 16 this past season.

He had young teams, inexperienced teams, non-competitive teams.

But not once did he say he wanted out of the series, that the Kentucky-Indiana game was “putting his players at risk.”

Why is it now suddenly different for Kentucky?

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