Honoring UK tonight has turned into a Reds controversy

Not everyone is happy about the Reds’ honoring Kentucky basketball’s national championship team before Cincinnati’s game with the San Francisco Giants at 7:10 tonight at Great American Ball Park.

In fact, the idea has turned into something of a controversy in the River City.

Lance McAlister, host of WLW’s Sportstalk, said most of his two-hour show last night was taken up by people complaining and debating the Reds honoring John Calipari and Company.

“Non-stop calls for first 90 minutes,” McAlister told me this morning via twitter. “One caller said he’d refuse diamond seats if offered. It was stunning. And yet hilarious. I said it was the single dumbest debate I’d ever heard from Cincinnati fans. Reds, UC, XU and just people in the city all up in arms.”

John Calipari and his staff will be on the field to be recognized at 7 p.m. Then starting at 7:15, the trophy will be on the Terrace Level for fans to view and photograph.

The gesture has also prompted some rips on the Reds’ Facebook page, where at last count there were 325 comments.


- But for new contracts from Votto and Phillips, the UK team payroll would be higher than the Reds.

- Stay In Kentucky u fools..this is OHIO. bUCkeye State

- not hating on uk here, but i wouldnt want to be a uk fan at that game cuz there will more than likely be a lot more boos than cheers

On his blog, McAlister listed the other schools that have been recognized by the Reds.

He also writes:

I feel badly for the Reds. They try to reach out and connect to the city and the region. They try to market their product. They offer ticket deals (This Saturday 4 tickets + Free Pizza for $48) and what they get in return is grief? Kentucky is a drive over the bridge from Cincinnati. The Reds have 29 radio affiliates in Kentucky. They have 22 radio affiliates in Ohio. The Reds Caravan stops in Lexington and many other cities in the state. There are 10,8000 UK alums in Greater Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky. Exactly which MLB team do you think Kentucky residents should root for? What is the harm? How could this possibly be a bad thing?

Mo Egger has some more about this on his blog.

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  1. Steve says:

    Who really cares about the Reds anyways? I mean, it is the closest to Kentucky fans, so they have adopted them as their MLB team…but really they are about as good as the Bengals, Browns, and Indians as far as sports teams go…cost a lot to see them but not worth seeing because they can’t win.

    I usually go to 2 or 3 Reds’ games per year from my home in Lexington…but I think I will go see Atlanta or St Louis this year. If those rude Ohioans want to act this way, then we can show them that our KY money spends just as well in other states and doesn’t get treated as badly.

  2. John Clay says:

    Don’t punish the Reds. The organization is doing a good thing, honoring the national champs from across the river.

  3. Marc Elmore says:

    I’m glad they are mad about UK and Cal being celebrated. I’m mad that the Reds and Bengals are shoved down my throat as pro teams I should like. Even though Cincy is only 100 miles away from Lexington, Ohio represents a different region and collegiate conferences.

    I’ll go to Reds games when they play the Braves.

  4. Jon says:

    I knew there was a reason the only time I’ve been to Great American Ballpark was when the Reds played my White Sox. Grow up Buckeyes! Realize there are more Reds fans in Kentucky than in Ohio, and stop bitching about Kentucky and UK. Last time I checked, your stinking, polluting, over-priced airport was in our state, in addition to half your beltway among other attractions. Also find somewhere else to vacation besides Cave Run & Cumberland!

  5. B-Rad says:

    The college fans are the ones upset, not the true Reds fans.
    OSU fans are just jealous because we knocked them out of the NCAA last year, and if KU hadn’t done it first, we would’ve again this year.
    And the UC & XU fans just see it as territorial. They don’t want Cal stealing their recruits.
    True Reds fans understand there are lots of KY Reds fans.