John Calipari: “No one is going to steal (my) joy”

After Yahoo’s Adrian Wojarnowski wrote about John Calipari as a possibility for the New York Knicks, the Kentucky coach fired back today.

Talking to Mike DeCourcy of the Sporting News, the Kentucky coach said that he is a fan of the NBA but that he is happy in his current job.

“I’ve got the best job in basketball,” Calipari told DeCourcy. “I’ve got more money than I’m ever going to spend, so I don’t have to make a decision based on finances. No one is going to steal the joy of what just happened this season. For people that don’t know me, have never met me, and from a distance watched me and listened to what other people said about me … I don’t care about their opinions.”

Click here to read the piece.

Update: Calipari says he’s not going anywhere.

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