Liveblog: Kentucky-Kansas national final

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  1. BPhillip says:

    Cats go into to their usual funk with a big lead. … Officals helped keep Jayhawks in striking distance; Cal needs to give them a problem.

  2. Mark Liptak says:


    Thanks so much to Coach Cal, his staff and these fabulous players for making this season so special.

    UCLA’s record is now in sight. UK owns every other significant record already and they are taking aim on the title number.

    With Cal in charge that record could go in the next eight years or so, who knows.

    What a season. And I hope that folks like Thamel, Forde and the rest of the ‘haters’ are drowning their sorrows right now.

    This ends the garbage about the “one and done’s” not being able to win anything.

    And thanks to John Clay as well for bringing all the news during the season in an honest and fair manner without bias. Others can take a lesson from his work.


    Mark Liptak