John Calipari on playing Louisville in the Final Four

From the post-game press conference, UK coach John Calipari on playing Louisville in the Final Four:

Q. Sorry, John. We’re not going to let you celebrate or sleep. Can you spin this ahead a little bit to Louisville now and talk about is this rivalry as big as everybody wants to try to make it?

COACH CALIPARI: It is in our state. They’re a great program. We’re in two different leagues.

The city of Louisville drives our state. The University of Louisville drives that city. So it’s a very important thing for our state, and it’s important that that school does well. It’s important for our state. Literally, they drive our state.

We’re so close. But they have a great program. They’re well coached. They’re talented. I’ve always loved Peyton Siva. I loved him when I saw him play against Eric Bledsoe. I watched those two go against each other. I said that kid can really play. Behanan, I recruited him. I wanted him in the worst way.

So they are a very talented team, and they play, and they compete. Like my kids say, I’m going to enjoy this. I’m not worried about who we’re playing. I’m just happy we’re still playing.

I told my wife before I left the hotel: Honey, this is either the last day or next weekend will be the last days. One or the other. We’ll see. She said: Oh, I hope it’s the weekend.

So, fortunately, we did win the game.

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