Twitter reacts to Bob Knight saying “Kentucky”

Twitter reacts to Bob Knight saying “Kentucky” and “Indiana” on ESPN’s Mike and Mike this morning:

  • Awful Announcing: “Bob Knight says the word Kentucky. Proof the internet works”
  • The Big Lead: “Bob Knight said the word “Kentucky”!
  • Terry Hutchens: “Indiana and Kentucky fans are speechless. Bob Knight just acknowledged both programs on the Mike and Mike Show.”
  • Seth Davis: “Bob Knight on @MikeandMike right now. First question is about NC and Kendall Marshall. I’m SURE the Kentucky question is coming right?”
  • Dan Rieffer: “Bob Knight didn’t say anything incendiary about UK this morning on ESPN. Just said SEC is down.”
  • Larry Glover: “That said, not once was Knight complementary of UK. Most comments were about impact of previous game (no impact)…and IU was more prepared because they play in a better conf.. He did mention that it’s not UK’s fault that the SEC stinks (paraphrased)”
  • Chris Weddige: “Bob Knight said Kentucky 5 times on @MikeandMike. Bob Knight has taken 5 years off his life.”
  • Linzay2122: “Bob knight said Kentucky. He also said we would lose since the SEC hasn’t been good and we “haven’t played anyone good.” boo!! #WeAreUK”
  • Brendan Buttimer: “Bob Knight said Kentucky? What’s next, Puerto Rico?”
  • Joe Hollenbach: “Do you hear that, just in the distance? It’s the noise of irrational UK fans celebrating that Bob Knight said Kentucky on air. Strange.”
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  1. R Cartwright says:

    B. Knight has reason to dislike Ky. His record as follows: Vs Rupp 1-1…..vs Hall 8-8….(Hall won 5 of last7)…..vs Sutton 2-2….vs Pitino 3-5 (Pitino won 5 of last 6)….vs Tubby S. 1-2. 16 games were in Indiana, 14 in Ky, 3 neutral site. He never had a winning record against 5 Ky coaches best he could do was .500 which is just as close to the bottom as the top. Coaches are fired every yr for having .500 records. To BK’s credit he did have a great career and deserves accolades, but I think he should be more kind to a team he had a losing record 15-18, and could not beat any of the 5 coaches at UK. Why doesn’t ESPN discuss this?????

  2. Eddie Hernandez says:

    He’s a bitter ol’ man. This will put an end for any serious coaching jobs. He’s also killed any serious radio or TV jobs by injecting too much personal BS. and for what. He’s a has been wild man.

  3. Rupp Oracle says:

    LOL… It is so funny that there is such a big deal about Bob Knight. I bleed KY Blue, but I still think Knight was a great coach. He knows the game. He didn’t recruit super stars, but he made more than a few. Passionate? Yes. Over zealous task master yes. But I know a UK coach like that…though he didn’t let if show up too often game day, Adolph Rupp. So there is no need for all this Knight bashing. We know UK and Indiana are arch rivals. I hate having to watch the Duke buzzer beater commercial over and over more than this year’s Indiana buzzer beater. Because the Duke shot was made possible by a poor coaching set. Only one other time was I ever upset with UK came coaching was when Joe B. Hall had the tallest team in the NCAA tourney championship game and UK was behind with time to comeback if they played hard, but he put the starters on the bench and floored the smallest 5 ever to be on the floor that season…, with the end of the bench “mighty midget” as well. Those two coaching moves were the #1 and #2 worst coaching moves in college basketball history. I was most surprised by Pitino’s miscue, because I never thought much of Hall’s coaching.

  4. dvbarne2 says:

    the best way to get to all the jealousy coming from night and friends at espn
    is to win the whole dam thing. id be willing to bet ya that this will be the least talked about championship game of all times if kentucky cuts the nets.
    espn will bring on baseball tonight blaring from our tubes real quick.but nothing would be sweeter than to watch all of them have to talk about it for at least 5 minutes.what do ya think,big blue nation? uk is so great they all walk around with big red noses.

  5. Katbluefan says:

    The only reason he has the job at ESPN is because everyone knows he will say or do something that will cause a problem or make someone MAD and that is good for ratings. He can’t call a game worth a crap and when you listen to him it is just boring. He is like any old goat, he needs to be put out to pasture

  6. Donna says:

    I visited Bobby’s hometown of Nashville, IN. In a small restaurant there, they had pictures of him plastered all over the walls. Bobby Knight is a big celebrity there. I never said anything about him while I was at this restaurant for fear of someone, maybe him, throwing a chair at me. Or perhaps, being chastised by one of his fans. Bobby’s new TV insurance commercial tries to prove to us all that his “bark is worse than his bite”. We all know that is just not true.