Twitter reacts to Bob Knight saying “Kentucky”

Twitter reacts to Bob Knight saying “Kentucky” and “Indiana” on ESPN’s Mike and Mike this morning:

  • Awful Announcing: “Bob Knight says the word Kentucky. Proof the internet works”
  • The Big Lead: “Bob Knight said the word “Kentucky”!
  • Terry Hutchens: “Indiana and Kentucky fans are speechless. Bob Knight just acknowledged both programs on the Mike and Mike Show.”
  • Seth Davis: “Bob Knight on @MikeandMike right now. First question is about NC and Kendall Marshall. I’m SURE the Kentucky question is coming right?”
  • Dan Rieffer: “Bob Knight didn’t say anything incendiary about UK this morning on ESPN. Just said SEC is down.”
  • Larry Glover: “That said, not once was Knight complementary of UK. Most comments were about impact of previous game (no impact)…and IU was more prepared because they play in a better conf.. He did mention that it’s not UK’s fault that the SEC stinks (paraphrased)”
  • Chris Weddige: “Bob Knight said Kentucky 5 times on @MikeandMike. Bob Knight has taken 5 years off his life.”
  • Linzay2122: “Bob knight said Kentucky. He also said we would lose since the SEC hasn’t been good and we “haven’t played anyone good.” boo!! #WeAreUK”
  • Brendan Buttimer: “Bob Knight said Kentucky? What’s next, Puerto Rico?”
  • Joe Hollenbach: “Do you hear that, just in the distance? It’s the noise of irrational UK fans celebrating that Bob Knight said Kentucky on air. Strange.”
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