Liveblog: Kentucky-Vanderbilt basketball

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  1. Mark Liptak says:

    I see around the web that the crazies are coming out front and center. This loss is absolutely NO BIG DEAL (repeat after me)…NO BIG DEAL.

    The weight of the winning streak is now off their shoulders and this will get them refocused for when it matters.

    They were going through the motions this weekend and why not? They had nothing to gain by winning the postseason tournament…none, nada, nothing!!!!!!!!!!

    They are still going to be a #1 seed, they are probably still going to be (with Syracuse and Kansas and Duke and North Carolina losing) the overall #1 seed.

    So WHY are some of you so upset…serious question, no sarcasm implied. I’d like to read some answers to this.

    Mark Liptak