Billy Donovan was not happy with the officiating

In the Florida post-game press conference after Florida’s 74-71 loss to Kentucky, Billy Donovan was not happy with the fact his Gators shot just two free throws.

Q: Could you speak about your interior defense, Murphy seemed like he was pretty active down there for there were a lot of offensive rebounds?

COACH DONOVAN: I thought our guys battled and fought as hard as they could. They did a good job. Again, I don’t understand how in a game like that we get to the free throw line two times. I thought our guys were battling in there and I thought their guys were battling. I thought it got to a point in the second half where it was kind of like just everybody was taking each other down because no one wanted to give up anything easy. But when you see from our bench in the second half, Patric Young getting pushed in the back constantly, constantly, constantly, and there’s just no whistle.

I mean, to me, it’s really hard to overcome 20 free throws to 2. There’s no way in the game like that. I could see if Kentucky was playing two-three zone and didn’t touch anybody, and but we were fouling them. I’m not saying that we didn’t foul them. There was times we fouled them. I thought Murphy, when Jones drove, we fouled him. I’m not saying that. But I mean, we got to the free throw line two times? I mean, we just had a hard time overcoming that. But I thought our guys battled as physically as best they could up front.

Q: Did you see fouls out there?

COACH DONOVAN: Yeah. Patric Young’s going up on offensive rebound and he’s being pushed in the back. And we’re doing the same thing to them. I’m not saying that we’re not doing it. We’re doing the same thing. It’s just I’ll deal with the office on it. It’s probably the best way to put it. And I’ll have a lot to say, too. And when I say that, it had nothing to do with us losing the game, so I don’t want to take anything away from Kentucky. They deserve the game. They won the game.

Click here for the entire Florida press conference.

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