Jim Nantz puts Indiana, not Kentucky, in his Final Four

Jim Nantz, who will be CBS’s No. 1 play-by-play man again this year for the NCAA Tournament, tells USA Today’s Michael Heistand that he thinks North Carolina will win the national title and that Kansas, Indiana and Syracuse will join the Heels in the Final Four. Nantz didn’t expound on why he thinks Kentucky won’t make it to the Final Four.

By the way, here are the announcing teams for this year’s tournament.

  • Jim Nantz/Clark Kellogg
  • Marv Albert / Steve Kerr
  • Verne Lundquist / Bill Raftery
  • Kevin Harlan / Len Elmore / Reggie Miller
  • Ian Eagle / Jim Spanarkel
  • Brian Anderson / Dan Bonner
  • Tim Brando / Mike Gminski
  • Spero Dedes / Bob Wenzel

Hat tip to Rick Bozich for the Nantz item

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  1. s.smith says:

    He sounds like Tipton and Billy Reed.

  2. Dave says:

    Hey, Jim is entitled to his opinion. I would necessarily disagree with him because, IU may make it to the final 4, as long as they are not in our bracket.

  3. Gary says:

    How can he pick his Final 4 when he does not even know if they will be in separate brackets?
    And CBS needs to bring back Gus Johnson.

  4. pj says:

    why is it these tv people just hate on Ky? Jim Nantz is a complete idiot, put in in a cell with Digger Phelps, Bob Knight, Billy Packer and Clark Kellogg…and throw away the key!

  5. Jenny Willingter says:

    Yeah I agree – Nantz must be smoking something to think UK will get beat before the Final Four. They are an awesome team this year!! And Cal is one of the best coaches.

  6. kentuckycat says:

    Don’t forget the Seth Davis and his perpetual UK won’t get it done attitude.

  7. Danville says:

    Always liked the Nancey as a GOLF analyst. As a basketball guy—————-uh not so much. Stick with the Masters in Augusta Nancey !!

  8. Jerry Eaves says:

    UK is plenty good enough to make it to the final four and even win but these games gets harder and harder. So I guess we will see how it goes but none of us will be suprised to see them win.

  9. RAH says:

    Nantz needs to caddie for Tiger Woods, And Kelloggs need to apply for a Asst. Coashes job at North Caroline or Duke

  10. RAH says:

    I`am sorry (Coaches Job). Sorry Clark!!

  11. larry nelson says:

    jim is just another analyist that can not get over uk kicking the backside of the ones he supports ; here we go again. jim nantz is like the blind squirrel. that finds a nut every now and then and then not many nor very often. keep up the good work not very nor very often speakinf of luck

  12. Billy Daniel says:

    Who made these guys experts. Bob Knight has continued to be a big cancerous sore to college basketball. Nance has no clue, the best way to fight these jealous people, do it on the court. Ky. Is a historical basketball program. They can’t stand it thing is they can’t do nothing about it either. Go Big Blue. Win it all. That will run em back under the rock from which they came.

  13. Frank King says:

    The tournament each year is very competitive (March Madness) and to predict that the #1 team will not make it to the Final Four is understandable, but picking Indiana to make it to the final four over KENTUCKY’S chances seems to be guessing. Not what he should engage in. Go back to the golf channel.

  14. mike says:

    you must be on crack dont you no kentucky beet north carolina when the freshmen were freshmen now that they have a season behind them what do you think they will do to them they also beet duke in early season

  15. Texascat says:

    Gary makes a valid point. Unless the brakets are already set and CBS gets a peek at them. It’s good being hated again. I was missing it from 2000-2008.

  16. Cookie says:

    Jim is a clown. As has been stated before, the brackets aren’t set and Jim obviously thinks Indiana will be in Kentucky’s bracket. I’d love a rematch with the Hoosiers on a neutral court!

    If UNC, or Dook for that matter, plays defense like they did the other night, neither team will go very far! That was the most pathetic defensive effort I’ve seen in a single game all season. Both UNC and Dook were horrible defensively.

    Go Big Blue.

  17. sandi b says:

    I think he is dead wrong. This is the best team UK has had in years. Caliper is a great coach and has helped these young men develop into a Vrry food team….Nance you might be right but as a true blue UK fan, let’s hope you look like fool for saying this.

  18. NYCUKAlum says:

    Well it’s official, now we no that Whitney wasn’t the only one smoking crack.

    What an idiot…..

  19. John says:

    You hillbilly ky fans need to brush your one tooth get some basketball knowledge and learn how to spell . By the way this is how you spell DUKE!

  20. pax says:

    Thank God. No Dick Vitale announcing.

  21. Katbluefan says:

    It’s a shame that ESPN is so bias towards certain college basketball programs. They also pick some of the “dumbest” people to use as sports announcers to call the games during college basketball season and the tournaments that follow including the Final Four. Examples, Jim Nance who knows nothing about college basketball, Booby Knight, Digger Phelps who are so bias that they stink just to name a few. Why as the fans who watch the TV have to put up with this BS ?? We should let the networks hear our displeasure with these idiots by mail, email, phones or whatever. They get paid a lot of money to make fair and unbias opinions about the games they call, not what we have to hear. I have sent my emails and you as a fans need to do the same. LET THEM HEAR FROM YOU BBNE4LP

  22. bbn says:

    John you are just another hater. Kentucky is by far the best team in the nation. You must be a Duke fan. I will post again to laugh in your face when Kentucky wins the Final Four this year. # BBN

  23. chris compton says:

    Really??? …really??? UK not n final 4…lol…u need drug tested

  24. cheryl b says:

    Jim Nantz is a fool. Kentucky has a very good program and should prevail despite the wishful thinking of the aforementioned deluded twit Nantz.

  25. cheryl b says:

    John, I think you missed the point when the above poster spelled Duke as “Dook”. But, it is said that puns are the highest form of humor and it does take intelligence to understand sarcasm. You are obviously a hater and know nothing of Kentuckians. Keep your hateful comments to yourself and stay off the blogs until you have something to write (in a coherent manner) that is to the point.

  26. Chuck M says:

    Jim Nantz obviously thinks that Kentucky will not be able to beat Indiana in the Sweet 16. It’s not entirely horrible logic as in the Indiana/Kentucky game on December 10, Indiana was up double digits with five minutes to go in the game. If you look at that game, it was Indiana who almost blew that game; which implies that it wasn’t just a game where Indiana won with a last second shot. It was a game where Kentucky almost overcame a double digit deficit, but failed to make enough plays down the stretch to secure their comeback. But if Indiana was up double digits….