Anthony Davis and Darius Miller pick up awards

The college basketball season awards are starting to file in and Anthony Davis has been named Sporting News National Player of the Year. TSN writes: “Davis leads the nation in that category, but it’s the breadth of his defensive wizardry that separates him from even the best shot blockers. Davis has an uncanny feel for defending pick-and-roll plays, hedging more effectively than the folks at Goldman Sachs, blitzing more savagely than Terrell Suggs. The residual quickness from his days as a guard allows him to erase jump shots as well as layups.”

Meanwhile, over at, Seth Davis has named UK’s Darius Miller as the captain of his All-Glue team. Davis writes: “Miller is a genuine throwback, which is ironic considering he plays for the program that has been the very embodiment of one-and-done recruiting. (To great success, I might add.) Miller is a senior (yes, a senior at Kentucky) who has gotten a little bit better each year. He possesses the classic glue guy’s blend of power and finesse. At 6-8, 225 pounds, he has the body of a power forward, yet he strokes threes as well as any two guard in America.”

Michael Kidd-Gilchrist was chosen second-team All-American by Sporting News.

Kansas coach Bill Self was named Coach of the Year by TSN.

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