John Calipari says the NCAA won’t be around much longer

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Mike DeCourcy of the Sporting News has done a long, in-depth interview with Kentucky coach John Calipari which touches on a number of subjects. Calipari talks about his job, his team, his former job, and the NCAA. His most interesting comments may be about the group in Indianapolis.

The Kentucky coach, who has had two teams Final Four appearances vacated, predicts that the NCAA will at some point be replaced, or have its powers reduced in favor of four major conferences. He also says that the NCAA powers-that-be care more about themselves than the college athletes.

An excerpt:

They’re not going to be around long. The NCAA will not. Before I retire from coaching, they will no longer oversee college athletics. They will, but it won’t be the four power conferences—they’ll be on their own. And the main thing is, do you really care about these kids? They’ll get mad that I say it. The NCAA Tournament, for example. It’s more about the selection committee getting on TV, everybody getting their tickets on the aisle, down low, all the parties they go to, the traveling. But we don’t take the parents of the participants. But they take their kids and their families.

The officials will get better hotels than some of their teams. And I know it for a fact. The decisions they make on the $2,000 (expense allowance for student-athletes)—it should have been $4,000. It’s a stipend. It’s not salary. It’s not “pay-for-play.” It’s a stipend. It’s expenses. And then schools vote against it. All this stuff piles up to where people are going to say, “Enough’s enough.”

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  1. Mark Liptak says:

    Cal’s right about the NCAA. Great interview by Mike.

    Mark LIptak

  2. Joe D. says:

    I’m betting the NCAA will be around much longer than ole Coach Cal.

  3. Mark Liptak says:

    Well I have no idea how long Cal wants to keep coaching but if you assume he’ll play out the rest of his current deal I can certainly see four “superconferences” having been formed by then and probably going their own way.

    The entire realignment situation isn’t over… not by a long shot. The Mountain West and C-USA have just formed a new combined entity which will be having a new name and logo, the WAC is on very shaky grounds with Utah State and Louisiana Tech rumored to be leaving for the new MWC-CUSA venture and Idaho is making overtures towards returning to the Big Sky and if the Big East (or should I say Big Least) loses their automatic bid in football some of those bigger names could be leaving for the ACC or Big 10.

    I think Cal’s right, the bigger schools eventually are going to get tired of smaller schools dictating to them what policy will be because they have more numbers from a financial standpoint. Trying to balance the wants and needs of over 300 schools (some of which have no business in Division-1) is an impossible task.

    Mark Liptak