Report: NCAA warning schools about Shabazz Muhammad

CBS Sports is reporting that the NCAA is warning schools to be wary of Shabazz Muhammad’s eligibility.

An excerpt:

The NCAA has contacted each school recruiting the nation’s top-ranked high school basketball prospect, Shabazz Muhammad, and made them aware of financial dealings that could compromise Muhammad’s amateur status, multiple sources have told

The sources told that the NCAA is specifically interested in connections between Muhammad’s family and two financial advisers — Benjamin Lincoln and Ken Kavanagh. Lincoln is a North Carolina-based financial analyst whose brother, Jeff Lincoln, is an assistant coach for Muhammad’s high school team in Las Vegas. Kavanagh is a New York-based financial planner.

Kentucky is considered to be one of if not the favorite for Muhammad.

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  1. Tim says:

    Even if he doesn’t go to UK, the NCAA is a maze of Kafkaesque absurdities and needs to be reformed.

  2. Gary says:

    So does that mean Coach K and Duke will cancel his visit this weekend? It would be interesting to see what happened with the NCAA if he did choose Duke.

  3. krautdog says:

    We’ll be okay as long as he doesn’t verbal to Washington and change his mind!