Over 130 Anthony Davis posters for sale on E-bay

(Photo by Chet White of UK Athletics)

As of 8 p.m., I counted 138 limited edition Anthony Davis posters for sale on E-bay.

The highest bid for one of the posters is $152.50.

The poster, designed and shot by Chet White of UK Athletics, was placed on each seat for last night’s game with Florida. Because of their limited nature, they have been quite the topic of conversation, and the objects of desire.

Not everyone is happy, however.

David writes:

I am emailing all of you at the same time because I have hopes one of you will give voice to those of us out here that aren’t the ‘fat cats’ or the very fortunate who attended last night’s game vs. Florida and were able to walk away with a poster of Anthony Davis that is an obvious keepsake (I can already picture having it framed and hung on my office wall).

Why would UK do this “special favor” to just the 24K fans attending this game. What about the several million of us out here that can’t afford to make the game?

Are we supposed to buy ours via eBay for $50 to $150??? Further I understand they printed 30K of them – what happens to the other 6K?

My response: It shouldn’t be a surprise that UK would take care of those who buy the tickets.

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  1. JJ says:

    As an attendee of the game last night, I am not surprised to learn that there are posters on eBay. I’m sure the folks selling have their own print, plus many extra. There was no sign of any posters anywhere near my seats. Other people’s greed, while no surprise, makes me sad. UK Athletics and Rupp Arena staff should have foreseen this selfishness, and passed the posters out at the entrance to the game.

  2. David writes says:

    Does David think that people are entitled to every ‘obvious keepsake’ they can picture on their walls? I can picture the Mona Lisa on my office wall right now…why won’t the Louvre give it to me?!?!?!

  3. David Bassett says:

    I am “David” and I think that UK and all of the universities that work under the NCAA monopoly system act like overlords to these athletes and to those of us who support the program.

    I continue to think that UK did NOT THINK THIS OUT and screwed up royally by handling this in this fashion.

    And as pissed as I am about not being able to pay a reasonable fee to UK to purchase one I am even more pissed that they now turn around and prohibit those individuals who were “given” these posters from selling them.

    Apparently the only ones connected to these NCAA schools that have any rights are the NCAA and the schools – the athletes that play the games and devote so much of their lives to making up these teams and the fans who make it fiscally possible have NO RIGHTS.

    My father and then I have had season football tickets for over half a century and pay a premium to get them. I have tired of seeing these universities whose supposed primarily job it is, is to educate our children, instead want to control and funnel all of the $$$ that are generated into their coffers while the players and fans who actually make it possible and pay the bills get ripped.