Video: John Calipari sends a message to officials

Three notes, followed by video, from John Calipari’s media opportunity today.

1. Attention all officials: Calipari’s message of the day appeared to be directed at the guys in the stripes. Told that LSU coach Trent Johnson said he will discipline his player, Malcolm White, for that nasty pull-down of Anthony Davis on Saturday, Cal said he had no problem with the LSU coach, but that if refs don’t call fouls early in games that kind of thing can happen. Later on, he went into an abbreviated version of his “call the block” rant that he started after the LSU game on Saturday.

2. A happy lockerroom: Calipari described the lockerroom as being “ecstatic” after Terrence Jones’ game in Baton Rouge. Cal said the team was happy for the sophomore, and it wasn’t the point production as much as it was how Jones played. “He was tough,” said Calipari, praising the forward for his effort.

3. Doron Lamb/Darius Miller: Calipari said that Doron Lamb is “ok” but could improve. “I think he’s better than he’s playing,” said the coach. On the flip side, he said that Darius Miller is playing offensively “like he did at the end of last year.” The senior has made nine of 13 three-pointers over his last three games.

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