Kentucky’s RPI being hurt by strength of schedule

Taking a look at college basketball’s current RPI indicates that Kentucky, expected to hold its No. 1 ranking in both the AP and USA Today polls, is being hurt by its relatively weak schedule.

The Cats are just fifth in the RPI, behind Syracuse, Duke, Baylor and Michigan State. Yet at 21-1, the Cats have a better record than all of those teams, with the exception of Syracuse. And the Orange took its one loss just over a week ago, where Kentucky hasn’t lost since Dec. 10.

The difference is that Kentucky’s schedule is currently rated just the 81st toughest by the RPI. That ranks as the third-easiest among the top 20 schools as rated by the RPI, behind Missouri (117) and Creighton (81).

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  1. Tom says:

    John, you must have missed the memo!
    Cal said we need to drop either Louisville, Indiana or North Carolina so we can be available to play a ‘made for television game’.
    Of course we can’t have the dates available that we used for Samford, Loyola MD, Lamar, Radford, Portland, Arkansas little Rock moved because we have such a ‘young’ team. Some might say those games are there to build up player’s stats, (and Cal’s win totals) but no way that could misconstrued for those reasons.
    Its not about winning championships anyway, its about helping young men get in the NBA. Didn’t Cal say a championship with out putting players in the NBA would disappointing?
    I’m sure the BBN agrees with him, don’t ya think?

  2. Mark Liptak says:

    Not to be sarcastic but how exactly is Kentucky being “hurt” by a relatively “weak” schedule?

    They’ve played N.C. (ranked in the top five at the time), Louisville (who was ranked #4 at the time), an undefeated Indiana team when they played and a Kansas team who was ranked in the top five over this weekend. They beat three of those clubs with only a last second loss on a desperation three to Indiana marring an undefeated season.

    Kentucky can’t change the SEC schedule or the fact that some teams are awful (like say Auburn) and some are underachieving (like Alabama based on what some were predicting for them).

    With no disrepect intented but Cal knows what he’s doing, he’s not being paid what he is because he’s a dummy. I’ll trust his decision making over anyone else’s when it comes to the basketball program.

    Mark Liptak

  3. Catmandoo says:

    Strength of Schedule does not matter we had a top ten SOS last year and what did that get us a #4 seed after we had some road losses and slid into the tourney. Cal said he was gonna lower the SOS because apparently it does not matter to a selection committee where a team gets seated if they play a harder schedule. I agree with Cal play an easier schedule get the W’s apparently that is all that matters anymore, not the quality of the opponent you lose to. Play some key games and win them, win your conference championship and you should be a #1 seed. Last years selection committee was mentally challenged anyway. Hopefully they will have some one picking teams out of hat this year it will be a better outcome than last year.

  4. Tom says:

    N4schedule that some one who may have more losses but played a stonger schedule.
    If you want to go to the Saragin Ratings to see the strenght of schedule for all of the college teams.
    Until this week, the Cats had a triple digit number under the sos (strenght of schedule).
    It keeps a team from a stronger coference from being left out when they lose a couple of games to stronger teams while one in a weaker conference may go undefeated but has played a much weaker schedule.