Rick Pitino reacts to story about his hard practices

As you may have heard, at his press conference today, Louisville coach Rick Pitino took issue with a Courier-Journal story that quoted former U of L coach Denny Crum and former U of L player Preston Knowles saying that the coach has a reputation for hard practices.

By the way, it is sort of a rant, but Pitino did not yell at C.L. Brown, the Courier-Journal reporter.

Click the continue line to listen to the audio.

Hat tip to All KY Hoops

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  1. kybasser says:

    This “rant” or rp’s is kind of humorous. He says his teams haven’t practiced “hard” since 1987, but when he was at UK he continually talked about how his practices were harder than the games. So what gives? Just seems like more of his BS to me!!

    Go CATS!!!!!!

  2. kybasser says:

    I gotta ask, what gives? He says his teams haven’t practice “hard” since 1987? When he was at UK he was all about how hard his practices were, and in fact, as I remember he boasted that practices were harder than the games. I didn’t like rp when he was at UK. That dislike was character driven. Since his departure he has given even more character reasons to dislike him, e.g. QUITTING in season on his Celtics team and then of course who can forget the Sypher incident? This audio of him sounds like more of his BS at best!!

    Go CATS!!!!!

  3. Doug63 says:

    Shut up and let the man coach.