Darius Miller makes some important threes

There’s no doubt that John Calipari often finds Darius Miller frustrating. He wishes the senior was more aggressive, would come up with more loose balls, would be a little less consistently passive.

On the flip side, the former Mason County star can knock down some big three-pointers. And, making a rare start, he hit a pair of those in Kentucky’s 68-53 win at Auburn last night.

The first came at the end of a first half in which the underdog Tigers had matched UK bounce-per-bounce. The Cats were clinging to a 29-28 lead when Miller hit an off-balance three from the left wing to send the visitors to the locker room up four.

“That play at the end of the half was unbelievable execution,” Calipari said afterward. “We’ve run that thing in a scripted way I’m guessing 50 times. I walked in at halftime and I said, ‘That’s why we scripted that ending, 3.9 seconds.’ He may not have made it, but he got a great shot. There was no craziness. He got a good look.”

Later, when Kentucky was starting to carve out some breathing room, Miller buried a three to stretch the lead to 57-49.

“We made that three coming out of the timeout, which was a big play and Marquis Teague read it,” Calipari said. “We were either going lob or three. That’s what we were doing, one of the two. He executed it right down, and bang, gives Darius that three. Darius made it.”

Miller was three-of-five from three on the night, the fifth game this season in which he has made at least three three-pointers in a game.

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  2. Elliott Hutchcraft says:

    I know Coach Cal knows basketball way more than I do, but I sure do know that Miller understands how to play offense better than the rest of our players most of the time. Everybody else is confused by the zone and he consistently got other players good looks. I know Miller can be frustrating, but I think he has to play more because without him, I feel like we only have one scoring threat outside (Lamb, obviously). Jones I know has hit them, but only because he tends to be wide open. It’s funny how much more open Miller was last year because of Brandon Knight. Anyhow, Miller had 4 fouls I think and that’s why he wasn’t playing more toward the end. He actually did come up with one big board. I really liked our starting lineup last night. And I love Lamb too, but I just think our offense starts off better with Miller in the game at the beginning. Actually, I think it would start best if Teague were on the bench, but we can’t do that come March.