Have we been too hard on Terrence Jones?

(H-L photo/Mark Cornelison)

The bashing began almost instantaneously with Christian Watford’s three-pointer ripping the nets at Assembly Hall.

In the post-game press conference, already changed into his black sweat suit, John Calipari referred to Terrence Jones’ contribution as being an “absolute zero.”

I used the mysterious disappearance of TJ as my post-game column fodder, dutifully noting Cal’s quotations sprinkled with the coach’s “everybody has a bad day” disclaimers.

By early week, Dick Vitale and Jay Bilas, among other roundball pundits, had jumped into the where was Terrence debate?

Ashley Judd even sent the sophomore some sympathetic fraternal tweets concerning the shared ups and downs of the gifted. And Terrence himself used twitter to strike back at the “haters” while espousing the virtue and values of the “true fans.” You know, the ones who digest four-point, three-shot, one-rebound performances from 6-foot-9 All-Americans without a peep of protest.

But as Calipari said post-game, “These are kids” and Jones has proven that time and again. In my column, I took great pains to tread that inadequate balancing act between criticism and college student. Without benefit of a Kentucky basketball game to pardon the interruption, Jones has had a full week to listen or read or watch we the hoops-loving masses theorize about what might have been going on inside his head before the bleachers emptied in Bloomington?

My question now: Have we been too hard this week on Terrence Jones?

What say you?


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