Phillips on black unis: “And crowd goes wild”

Joker Phillips confirmed after practice that Kentucky will wear black uniforms against Mississippi State on Saturday.

“I’ve been hit with haymakers about black uniforms by the players, by you guys, by the fans. It was something that we wanted to do just to throw the guys a bone. We pulled them out today at the team meeting. We had Danny (Trevathan) and Winston (Guy) dressed in them, and the crowd goes wild. Anything we can do to get some excitement. I think there will be more excitement if we make plays in those black uniforms.”

(Photo by John Clay)

(Photo by John Clay)

(Photo by John Clay)


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  1. Anonymous says:

    It should have been a surprise. One of my favorite games of all time was Tennessee at Kentucky when Fran Curci still had one game left but had already been fired. I think they had won a single game all year. The Cats came out in all blue, blue pants and jerseys. They didn’t do that back then. The crowd went wild, and the Cats pulled a huge upset and prevented Tennessee from going to a bowl game. Being a child, when they came out in all blue, I got chill bumps and knew they would win.

  2. Steve says:

    Want some excitement???? win a game

  3. Steve says:

    by the way tat is one ugly uniform. Now joker has changed our school colors….they are BLUE AND WHITE geez like a wise old coach once said when some fans wanted to play in a different color uniform. If you can’t play then you can’t play no matter what color uniform you have one. You”re opponents sure don’t care..that old coach was Rich Brooks

  4. bakethesnake says:

    If we win, great move, if we play like we have all year and turn it over 3 times, maybe we should been practicing more vs. modeling uniforms. What a joke.

  5. Gadfly says:

    Black uniforms – symbolic of the funeral state the football program is in.

  6. tafugate says:

    holy crap! this is one of the saddest teams ever. if they were undefeated, i could see throwing a team a bone and letting them wear whatever uniforms they wanted. but this is a woeful team. the coach tells everyone before the season this team is loaded with young talent and will surprise a lot of people. that ain’t happened. the few mediocre strengths they were supposed to have haven’t happened. and now instead of digging deep, motivating each other to overachieve, and the coaching staff trying some innovative things to improve the offense, they decide they’ll do better if they have black uniforms? maybe joker will take them for ice cream after the game? this team has no hope.

  7. d.b. says:

    I think it’s fun. It is Halloween weekend. Lighten up, people.

  8. CATFAN says:

    Seriously folks, lighten up. Should we just cancel the rest of the schedule? The team is 3-4, oh lawwwd! seasons over! fire everyone and pull all the scholarships!

  9. Wes says:

    These kids are 18-23 years old for the most part. Its not the end of the world if we have a bad season. Joker is a good person and is teaching these young men how to be real men. I think the uniforms look great and hopefully we’ll play inspired on Saturday. Go Cats.

  10. Marion County says:

    Go Cats! We are behind you…..

  11. Robert Abell says:

    The uniforms look good; kids today like all-black uniforms. It’s true that it is a business, even a big business, but it’s also a game and you can have fun at a game at least some of the time.

  12. Texas Cat says:

    Reminds of a story when a catholic boxer crossed himself before a fight. A guy in the crowd asks a priest sitting next to him, “what does that do for him”. Priest replies, “nothing if he can’t box.”

  13. John Clay says:

    I agree. It’s Halloween. I was a little surprised Joker didn’t bring that up as a reason today. Makes perfect sense. Just leave out the orange, though.

  14. Duncan says:

    Black uniforms are to show morning for the death of our Football team.

  15. Jerry Taylor says:

    I am for THE CATS , including the coaching staff, regardless of what they wear (as long as it isn’t orange). My comment and question is this 1) I am tradiontal do all blue, all white, school colors; 2) is this costing the school anything? extra comment 3) if there is a cost to the school it shouldn’t have been done.


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  17. Brock says:

    Football is about fun. These uniforms are fun. It’s interesting to read these end-of-the-world comments of grown men living in their mom’s basement. Their entire self worth is wrapped up in the achievements of boys in their early twenties or younger. Of course when these young players fail, the basement dwellers show their superiority by attacking children who are playing in front of hundres of thousands of viewers in the stadiums and on TV. The dwellers’ superior achievements are typing negative drivel about a team that can no longer pass on a modicum of vicarious accomplishment in the dwellers’ pitiful lives. They have to do it on the message boards because in public, nobody gives them the time of day. We all know these dwellers. They’re the guys who come to an occasional game alone, wearing radio headphones, yelling obscenities, and getting red faced while fans around them pull their children closer.

  18. John Clay says:

    Brock, that is one of the best internet comments I believe I have ever had the pleasure of reading.

  19. -DW says:

    Just another example of allowing the “tail wagging the dog”, allowing kids to dictate what uniforms they are wearing over at least 100 years of tradition.

    Kentucky’s colors are Blue and White….period.

    Remember when the basketball team wore all black uniforms?

    Hopefully the Cats will lose, and lose big, so those travesties will never see the light of day again.

  20. Max says:

    @ Jerry Taylor – I doubt that UK had to spend a dime on those uniforms. Nike and their corporate douchbaggery (see Univ of Oregon Ducks) will use any contract school as their personal canvas for hideous designs to attract 17-year olds.

    @ Robert Abell – With the state of football, in high school, college and professional, the trend is towards:
    1) One team wearing monochrome black and one team wearing monochrome white uniforms.
    2) Players wearing $800 motorcycle helmets with visors. (Sure are a lot of players with vision troubles these days.)
    3) Disappearing sleeves on the football jerseys.
    4) Wristbands worn above the elbows.
    5) Players wearing what amounts to bicycle shorts that have no intention of covering the knees.
    6) Disappearing socks so low that they appear non-existent.
    7) Players wearing their hair so long that it covers their nameplate. (If you can’t see it, then remove it as it is no longer needed.)

  21. Anonymous says:

    These uniforms are about Nile making more money off of schools

  22. Anonymous says:

    Black is for loserville, Texas tech, Missouri etc


  23. Anonymous says:

    I am going to the game this week, but I will not wear anthing black

  24. Anonymous says:

    I’m glad Joker is going to let the team go to the black uniforms. I’ve wanted it for the past couple of years and its ridiculous to think anyone is going to lose sight of the fact that our colors are blue and white. (We’ve had a number of versions of blue, so for those of you this bothers – pretend its a very, very dark blue.)
    Today’s kids (recruits) want spifs like this so if it helps recruit even one good player, I’m all for it.

  25. Anonymous says:

    Here’s something that’s not fun… Paying hundreds to thousands of dollars each season to watch this program produce mediocrity because excuses and sub-par coaching staffs are less expensive than top-tier coaching staffs. Nor is it fun paying $39 per game to park at Commonwealth Stadium, one of the most expensive parking fees in the SEC. The black uniforms are a gimmick. Phillips said earlier this year that UK’s color were blue and white. Now that the heat is on, he backpedals and is only too happy to have a distraction for a few minutes. Winning more than 5 or 6 games a year would be fun and a legitimate return on investment. And when the fourth estate starts paying to park and attend games and for food and beverages, perhaps they’ll be a little less willing to accept the status quo.

  26. Brashears says:

    I must capitulate to your vast knowledge of the English diction, you sir are a scholar. The sheer fact that I submit time out of my hectic day to read some of the verbal vomit that some “fans” write sickens me.

    The Gentleman John Clay,
    I have to say, this is Halloween, a one time opportunity to get some sort of excitement, a little spark to ignite a football team that is young, struggling, and lost approximately 5,000 yards of offense between last season and this season. I honestly do not know what people are looking for in a UK football team. We do not have the recruiting base in this state, we are playing in the strongest conference (at least over the last decade), and we have a relatively new head coach, new lineup, and are plagued by injury. I want to win as much as anyone, but get it through your heads…….URBAN MEYER, NICK SABAN, LES MILES, BILL COWHER, are not coming here.

  27. runner812 says:

    This isn’t about players being excited, this is about Swoosh, Inc. moving units. Ugly uniforms.

  28. Johnny Hughes says:


    The players are the ones getting it done. They are the ones who are practicing 3-4 times a week for several hours at a time, the ones on the bus traveling, the ones who blow out their knees, tear their ACLs. and get the concussions so you can watch them on TV.

    If they want to wear black a couple times a season, great.

    Black has always been incorporated in the uniforms historically anyway. There have been black stripes on the pants and the helmets at different times in the history of the school.

    The players asked for it … and they have gotten it. If it motivates them, great.