UK’s football attendance second-lowest in expansion era

Three minutes before kickoff last Saturday at Commonwealth Stadium. (Photo by John Clay)

Saturday’s announced attendance of 54,098 for the Kentucky-Jacksonville State football game drew many a raised eyebrow. By definition, the announced number was for tickets “out” or tickets “distributed.” That includes paid tickets and complimentary tickets, etc.

Still, it was the fifth-smallest announced crowd since Commonwealth Stadium was expanded in 1999. The four lower: 53,463 in 2009 for Louisiana-Monroe; 52,471 in 2001 for LSU; 52,235 in 2006 for Vanderbilt; 51,114 in 2002 for Vanderbilt.

With three home games remaining, including this Saturday against Mississippi State, Kentucky’s average home football attendance is 61,356. That’s the second-lowest figure since stadium expansion. Here are the year-by-year average attendance figures. Only the 2006 season drew fewer average fans, 57,330. And the 2006 season did not have the benefit of a Louisville home game.

Here is a look at each year’s average attendance, plus opponents that year:

  • 1999 – 67,756
    • Louisville, UConn, Florida, Arkansas, LSU, Tennessee
  • 2000 – 65,462
    • South Florida, Indiana, South Carolina, Georgia, Miss St, Vanderbilt
  • 2001 – 63,480
    • Louisville, Ball State, Florida, Ole Miss, LSU, Tennessee
  • 2002 – 64,155
    • UTEP, Indiana, Middle Tennessee, South Carolina, Georgia, LSU, Vanderbilt
  • 2003 – 64,922
    • Louisville, Murray St, Florida, Ohio, Miss St, Arkansas, Tennessee
  • 2004 – 62,334
    • Indiana, Ohio, Alabama, South Carolina, Georgia, Vanderbilt
  • 2005 – 62,450
    • Louisville, Idaho St, Florida, Miss St, Auburn, Tennessee
  • 2006 – 57,330
    • Texas St, Ole Miss, C Michigan, South Carolina, Georgia, Vanderbilt, La-Monroe
  • 2007 – 68,824
    • EKU, Kent State, Louisville, Florida Atlantic, LSU, Florida, Miss St, Tennessee
  • 2008 – 69,434
    • Norfolk St, Middle Tenn, WKU, South Carolina, Arkansas, Georgia, Vanderbilt
  • 2009 – 69,594
    • Louisville, Florida, Alabama, La-Monroe, Miss St, EKU, Tennessee
  • 2010 – 66,070
    • WKU, Akron, Auburn, South Carolina, Georgia, Charleston Southern, Vanderbilt
  • 2011 – 61,356
    • C Michigan, Louisville, Florida, Jacksonville State


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  1. Rob says:

    While success brings fans, so does excitement. The games are just so boring to sit through now. Don’t get me wrong though. There are few things more exciting than repeated draw plays and quarterback keepers for minimal gain.

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  4. rjr says:

    Why he even announce what the attendance is if you are going to count people that aren’t there? That kind of takes the meaning out of “attendance” doesn’t it?

    This is silly. UK has the number that actually attended the game. They zap each ticket as it comes in. John, can’t you just ask UK to give you the actual number that attended last week’s game? I’m sure the majority of fans would like to know the actual number, not this made up BS number.

  5. John Clay says:

    I would love to know the actual count, as well, but UK isn’t giving that out.

  6. ICBMCAT says:

    Attendance was likely below 40,000 and probably close to 35,000. Half full at best. The website Mr. SEC described Clay’s photograph best calling it: BRUTAL.

  7. John Clay says:

    I’m terrible at estimating crowds, but I would agree that it was no more than 40,000.

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