How poorly did Kentucky run the ball against Louisville?

(H-L photo/Amy Wallot)

We know that Kentucky had a terrible time running the football against Louisville during that loss to the dreaded Cards last Saturday. (Sorry to keep bringing it up.)

Joker Phillips’ club rushed for just 35 yards on 32 carries. That is slightly misleading, however. Unlike NFL statisticians, college football statisticians count yardage lost because of sacks in a team’s rushing yard total. Kentucky was sacked six times for 48 yards on Saturday. So really, Kentucky rushed for 83 yards on 26 carries. Still not good.

A better barometer is the successful/unsuccessful criteria for judging rushing attempts. It says that a first-down run of 40 percent of the needed yardage is considered successful. A second-down run of 60 percent is considered successful. A third-down run needs to get the required yardage to be successful. Same for fourth down.

Under that criteria, Kentucky had just seven successful runs on Saturday,  compared to 18 unsuccessful runs.

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