Strong: “I don’t know if we can beat Kentucky right now”

(AP photo)

Hop over to our friends at Card Chronicle, which was on hand for the Charlie Strong press conference today previewing Saturday’s Kentucky-Louisville tug-of-war at Commonwealth Stadium.

Three highlights:

  • On the loss to Florida International: “We’re just not a very good football team. The coaches didn’t coach very well and the players didn’t play very well.
  • On Saturday: “I don’t know if we can beat Kentucky right now.”
  • On what to fix: “The offensive line isn’t our problem. Our problem is the whole team. The whole team needs to play better.”

Click here to read the rest of Strong’s comments.

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  1. Greg says:

    CCS is much more honest then the Card fans. UK is the SS Minnow compared to the HMS Titanic which is the Cards team.

  2. Morgan Newton is playing like crap. He will have to step it up if KY wants to compete with the Cards.