Twitter fun with #SECApplicationQuestions

Amidst reports that Texas A&M will leave the Big 12 tomorrow, the  popular twitter topic tonight has been #SECApplicationQuestions.

A whole host of twitter mavens have chimed in, including Andy Staples of

Hat tip to @PeterBurnsRadio who got the ball rolling. Click the continue line for my choice of the top 15 entries.

A top 15:

  • @AaronSuttles: Is your football team’s budget comparable to the state budget for education?
  • @Mengus22: Does your car horn play the school fight song, or Dixie?
  • @greggdoyelcbs: Has your star player told a b-tch it was ‘time to die’, then played a few weeks later?
  • @LandThieves: Have you ever signed 32 recruits in one class?
  • @BrettOnDavis: Jefferson Davis…Great president or greatest president?
  • @chris_depew: Are you prepared to fill 75% of the seats for games at Vanderbilt Stadium?
  • @mstiger12: What is the difference between simple and aggravated assault?
  • @FOTProgram: Do you serve sweet tea?
  • @joeysparks: Define “roster management.”
  • @gpellis87: Are your women the most attractive women in the country?
  • @watsontiger98: Is your compliance department able to investigate a possible NCAA violation in less than 24 hours?
  • @Andy_Staples: Have you ever parked your RV on a rival’s campus…on Tuesday
  • @Kyle_Morris: Do you hire hot girls to watch the fax machine on Signing Day for your web-watching fans?
  • @Zip04: Are you willing to expand the seating capacity of your stadium?
  • @rusgomez: Can you win the national championship?
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