COI head who rendered Memphis decision gets blasted

Former Miami AD Paul Dee (AP photo)

In case you don’t remember, Paul Dee was the head of the Committee of Infractions when the NCAA ruled that Memphis under head coach John Calipari should vacate its record-breaking 38 victories in its 2007-08 season because a testing service invalidated Derrick Rose’s standardized test score.

“Strict Liability” was the reason given by the NCAA.

Turns out Dee was the athletic director at Miami when much of the Nevin Shapiro mess was going down, as reported by Yahoo Sports.

Calipari did put out a nefarious “strict liability” tweet not long after, but Long Beach State president F. King Alexander has not been so subtle. In 2008, Long Beach was placed on three years probation for self-reported violations. Alexander has not forgotten who was head of the COI at the time.

From the Long Beach Press Telegram:

“Dee told us, ‘You have to put in place the kind of institutional control we have at Miami,”‘ Alexander related with irritation. “And one of the other members of the NCAA Infractions Committee in that hearing was from Nebraska. On that same day, six Nebraska athletes were arrested for illegally selling sporting apparel.”

“The hypocrisy of the NCAA makes me sick,” he said. “To allow institutions like Miami and Nebraska to chair and oversee its infractions committee is like putting foxes in charge of the henhouse.”

Kind of like a COI head demanding that UK not recognize Calipari’s vacated wins, when schools in that COI head’s very conference still recognize vacated victories.

(h/t ESPN’s college basketball blog)

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