Video: More of Rick Minter talking about the defense

After Sunday’s practice, defensive boss Rick Minter talked about what he has seen early on from his unit. Most of the talk is about the transition to his scheme, picking up where the team left off from the spring.

When asked about newcomers, Minter said “we have three safeties that have to integrate themselves into the mix because that’s where we have our most challengable depth.” Says there are not a lot of first-year players outside of the secondary that might see action early.

“We’ve got a lot of old guys, a lot of young guys, not a lot of in-between guys,” Minter said.

His early summation: “We’ve got tons of work to do.”

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  1. dmtrojans says:

    He seems like the real deal…inspires a lot of confidence and definitely a straight shooter. It will be fun to watch the progress of our defense over these next years.

  2. todd says:

    I really like like this guy as well. The real question is what will happen when teams line up in the I and try to run Dives at us. I’m very confident we will do well against running qb’s, and teams that try to run stretch and outside zone plays but it’s the teams like Pitt that run that ole block down kick out stuff that worries me… I know Crawford was a top 100 Juco player a couple years ago hopefully he can keep his head on straight and help us out this year. One more thing that bothers me is the fact that Cobble didn’t get to lift as much as the other guys I just hope he has enough strength to get the job done.
    I’ve tried to find a diagram of what this deff will look like against just the I with TE on the right and can’t find anything. In this Deff will Ridge Wilson and Ukwu flip back and forth to the strength? Or will Ukwu play Left end and Wilson on the right at Rush backer?