NCAA statement says it did not make Joe B. Hall ruling

(H-L photo/David Perry)

(H-L photo/David Perry)

In the latest twist in the Joe B. Hall case, the NCAA has released the following statement:

NCAA statement on Dominican National team game at University of Kentucky

Public speculation, fueled by inaccurate media reporting, incorrectly assumed the NCAA denied former Kentucky coach Joe B. Hall the opportunity to coach in an exhibition game against the Dominican Republic. In reality, the University of Kentucky withdrew its involvement and association with this event due to a conflict with member mandated NCAA bylaws. These bylaws prohibit member schools from participating in events that pay former players and raise funds to benefit teams that include prospective student-athletes.

This appears to lend credence that it was UK that decided that Joe B. should not coach the Kentucky Pros.

On WKYT tonight, John Calipari said that because Joe B. is now a Cal assistant on the Dominican Republic National Team, he may use his assistants to coach the Kentucky Pros. Calipari said he had not made up his mind, but said there was a good chance that Hall would indeed coach the Kentucky Pros.

Now the question is: Why did UK stay silent and let the NCAA take the blame?

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  1. charlie bradshaw says:

    OH MY GOD ! UK removed JOE B. HALL !!! Will we have a dissertation from Mark Lipstick ??? Come on Mark give us the hate for the NCAA, you have all the inside connections.

  2. Jim Braun says:

    Could the Teflon Barnhart be involved? Based on his own misinterpretation of NCAA rules? – And now his subordinates must cover for him? I’m askin’

  3. Mark Liptak says:


    You know I remember when I had my first beer too.

    Get some sleep “little brother” looks like youj need it.

    The NCAA brings this all on themselves with their illogical, bizarre, high-handed decisions.

    Mark Liptak

  4. Jim Braun says:

    Let’s see, the point of the article is the NCAA was not involved and the question was “Why did UK stay silent”. And Liptak still suggests it is all on the backs of the NCAA. He needs to take a seat in the House.

  5. charlie bradshaw says:

    Come on Mark don’t talk like the local morons. You are out there getting mudd on your tennis shoes just like your hero Alan Cutler. Come out already and give John and the rest of us the scoop. Glad to see you overslept this morning.