Joe B. Hall calls episode “confusing” and “embarrassing”

Just got off the phone with ex-UK coach Joe B. Hall, who has gone from being the coach of the Kentucky Pros team in the August 15 exhibition game to now being an assistant for John Calipari on the Dominican Republic National Team.

After someone — Hall says no one has yet tell him who made the decision — said Hall and Sam Bowie could not coach the Kentucky Pros because of their past affiliation with UK, Calipari stepped in to ask Hall to coach with him.

“It’s a little bit embarrassing,” said Hall. “To have Coach Calipari ask me to coach the All-Star was an honor. I was happy to do it. He’s so thoughtful and been so good to me. He’s always been very respectful and supportive, including me in everything he does. I’m happy to help him out with coaching the Dominican Republic team in any way I can.”

Hall said that he thinks that he and Bowie were “unfairly singled out. We didn’t do anything. I don’t understand how the former players can play in the game, but we can’t coach. That makes no sense to me. I’m no danger to anybody. I would just be sitting on the bench. We’re not doing any real coaching. No one ever told me that I couldn’t be a part of it until I saw it on television and read it in the paper. No one talked to me to tell me why.”

Hall said he asked his good friend attorney Terry McBrayer to try and find out, but said as of now McBrayer had not received an answer.

“The whole thing just doesn’t make any sense,” Hall said.

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  1. Mark Liptak says:

    Very happy Cal found a way to work around the idiots at the NCAA. As if an 82 year old gentlemen who hasn’t coached in over 25 years is going to somehow give UK a recruiting advantage or something.

    You never know, this could be Coach Hall’s last real chance to be in the spotlight. I hope he enjoys it thoroughly.

    And coach you probably won’t ever get an answer from the NCAA…they hide behind things. That’s what they do best as well as duck the media.

    As far as it making sense, coach you know the NCAA… logic is the absolute LAST thing those clowns understand depite all their degrees. Common sense is not one of their strong suits you know.

    Mark Liptak

  2. Tim says:

    Did the NCAA quibble when Hall coached in Japan? This isn’t a UK-sponsored event. It just looks to me as if the NCAA just had to throw its weight around just to show it could.

    Eventually these bullies will be stood up to, perhaps the conferences will secede–who knows, but in any event the NCAA can have a lot of fun micro-managing the likes of Tennessee Tech’s women’s volleyball team. But then they won’t be able to afford the staff to pursue such extravagant nonsense at that point.