Confirmed: Hall and Bowie cannot coach in Legends game

(H-L photo/Charles Bertram)

(H-L photo/Charles Bertram)

DeWayne Peevy, acting as spokesman for Pro Camps, confirms that neither Joe B. Hall nor Sam Bowie can coach in the Kentucky Legends vs. Dominican Republic National Team game on August 15.

“The University of Kentucky can not have any affiliation with the event, therefore no former players or coaches will be honorary coaches,” Peevy responded by e-mail to a question about reports that Joe Hall would not be allowed to coach in the game, as previously announced.

In fact, it was UK coach John Calipari, who is coaching the Dominican Republic National Team, that tweeted on Wednesday night that Hall and Bowie would be coaching the “Kentucky Pros” team. But the NCAA says that UK cannot be affiliated with game, so the team cannot be called UK Legends and that Hall and Bowie, since they are not playing in the game, are considered honorary participants and cannot be involved.

This game is not similar to either the recent North Carolina Alumni Game or the Illinois Legends game. Those events featured teams made up only of former players from the same school playing each other. The Aug. 15 game has former Kentucky players playing an outside team.

Though officially an Associate Athletics Director at UK, Peevy is working for ProCamps for the exhibition game.

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  1. Tim says:

    And the Kafkaesque vampires of the NCAA strike again. Way to protect the world from fun, NCAA. Those blinkered bureaucrats are truly doing valuable work that makes the world better. Oh, wait. They’re doing the opposite of that while raking in billions of dollars. The only bright side here is that such an archaic institution lashing out so erratically cannot continue long at such a pace, and its reform or collapse is inevitable.

  2. Tim says:

    And what can the team of former UK players call itself to suit the NCAA? I can’t wait to root for The Collection of People Whose Familiarity to UK Fans is Purely Unrelated to the Fact That They’re Former Wildcats! Go Big TCOPWFTUIPUTTFTTFW! That should suit the bow-tie wearing dweebs at the NCAA.

  3. JackB says:

    I can’t say that I understand this distinction – nor am I sure why Hall can’t say – wait – I don’t work for UK and I want to coach this team as a private citizen. But I suppose Hall and/or Bowie probably have some consulting contract that would prevent even that.

    Crazy rules – wish we would figure this stuff out before it is all public and stuff though.

  4. Tim says:

    They should just call the team the Lexington Legends and have two mystery coaches that may or may not be Joe B. Hall and Sam Bowie in blue masks.

  5. Mark Liptak says:

    The NCAA can couch this with all the “technicalities” they want and the media can choose to accept those explanations without bothering to follow up and press members of that organization regarding them if they want (and they probably will, I’m still waiting for Jerry Tipton to write about when he tried contacting Dennis Thomas for example on the vacated wins being counted in his own conference) but to me there’s more going on here and you don’t need to be a PHD or even a former President of the University of Washington to figure it out.

    Allow me to explain.

    There is no coach today who can promote and market a team or situation like Cal. He is always two steps ahead of others in matters like this (and that includes the myopic thinkers at the NCAA)Can we agree on this? John?, Jerry??

    Because of this fact the NCAA is deathly afraid of Cal and what he might come up with.

    REGARDLESS of the situation, REGARDLESS of how trivial an issue, REGARDLESS of how inconsistent and petty it makes the NCAA look; the first response to anything Cal and UK want to do (even unofficially or through the proxy of someone else) is going to be, “no.”

    Because they KNOW if they give him an inch he’s going to find a way to take a mile and a half and then they are going to be in a catch-up mode.

    The track record is becoming pretty clear on this matter… the last year alone there’s been three “issues” now involving UK and the NCAA (Kanter, vacated wins, this exhibition game)and we’ve seen how every single one turned out didn’t we? Against UK.

    It could have been four but the Birmingham school board in essence told the NCAA to take a hike regarding Eric Bledsoe.

    Ultimately I can only see this situation (and the LHL has already written a story on how UK and the NCAA are apparently not getting along…)ending in one of two ways.

    A. Calipari says “enough” and resigns and retires or goes to the NBA because he’s tired of fighting these stooges.

    B. Someone in authority at UK… the president, the board of trustees, the AD (because this goes far higher than just a head coach) contacts the NCAA, gives them the names of their attorneys and says “see you in court” much like Jerry Tarkanian did twice. (He won his first case and the NCAA settled with him out of court in the second.)The comments from Dr. Todd and Mitch were pretty strident after the Kanter decision for example… this could be the way the situation is going to wind up.

    Personally I hope so, the NCAA needs to have their rear end handed to them and put back in their place.

    Mark Liptak

  6. Mark Liptak says:

    If UK (or whomever) REALLY wants to screw with the NCAA (they probably don’t have the guts)and shove this right in their faces, the organizaers of this event DRESS Hall and Bowie, make them a part of the roster and have them sit on the bench.

    It’s up to whomever coaches to determine the amount of “playing” time they get, naturally they’d decide they don’t get any.

    Then the NCAA can stomp their feet, hold their breath and turn blue in the face.

    Just once I’d love to see somebody have the guts to take these (I can’t repeat what I’d like to call them) “people” on not named Tarkanian.

    Mark Liptak

  7. John Clay says:

    Give it up, Mark, on your bashing the media for not getting answers from the NCAA. The NCAA doesn’t talk. I heard Mark Emmert being interviewed by Scott Van Pelt today. He was asked about Ohio State case. He said, “The NCAA does not talk about individual cases.” Come on, why this current situation is a puzzling matter, it’s small potatoes.

    It doesn’t involve the eligibility of a current student-athlete, or an infractions matter, or a ruling that affects competition. Those are the things that truly matter to the participants involved.

    And you don’t have your facts straight. The NCAA was never involved in the Eric Bledsoe matter. It was the Birmingham schools who commissioned a review of Bledsoe’s grades. NCAA had nothing to do with it.

  8. Travis says:

    John, I may have missed it in the discussion, but do you know if there’s a specific NCAA rule related to this ruling that would be violated or did the NCAA decide this “on the fly” so to speak since it’s not a common scenario?

    I’m just scratching my head trying to figure out what is so significant about having an 80+ year old former coach on the sidelines at a game of former (and not prospective) college athletes that it must be forbidden.

    I’ve never been one to buy into all the hysteria that the NCAA specifically targets UK, but something like this makes you wonder. If nothing else it just serves as further proof that its decisions are random at best.

  9. Mark Liptak says:


    Do you honestly think the NCAA had absolutely nothing to do with that scenario?

    Nothing at all? They weren’t waiting to see what was going to happen and then react?

    Please…Sorry that doesn’t pass the smell test. You’ve been around long enough to know better (as have I)

    And I understand you defending your colleague, for years I had NOTHING against Jerry and you can go back and check that. I even sent him a Christmas greeting e-mail because I read his work and thought he should be complimented for it. Professional courtesy if you will.

    But the past few years it seems he takes some type of perverse pleasure in trying to suck the life out of every positive situation involving UK and the fan base.That’s not reporting that’s an agenda. He’d find some way to look on the dark or down side of a story involving a million dollar lottery winner.

    And I won’t “give up” the fact that according to UK’s own letter to the NCAA they felt he was “badgering” the NCAA in an effort to try to get an answer on the UK / Calipari vacataed wins situation. Fair enough, that’s his job.

    BUT then I also expect him to “badger” the NCAA on why they won’t talk and if / when they don’t, to report that.

    No John, with respect I’m not going to give that up and either should you.

    Mark Liptak

  10. Mark Liptak says:

    Oh by the way the reason the NCAA can’t talk to the media about Ohio State is BECAUSE IT’S AN ON-GOING INVESTIGATION that hasn’t been resolved yet.

    I full understand and agree with that reasoning.

    Now talking to the contradiction about vacated wins and why Kentucky was singled out where San Diego State, Florida A&M, Savannah State, UTEP for example weren’t are two entirely separate issues. Plus the matter was completed (unlike Ohio State’s)… there is no reason why the NCAA can’t discuss the matter (unless of course it’s because they were caught with their pants down and are embarrassed about the entire incident – which as you correctly pointed out in your column was petty and stupid in the first place…)

    Mark Liptak

  11. Dini says:

    Outside? Fresh Air? Anyone? Beuler? Beuler?

  12. jhn says:

    I don’t understand how Joe B can’t coach this game? What if the NBA set up a game in a summer league and asked Joe B to coach- would that be in violation of rules too? Seems like Joe B could have a due process claim against the NCAA- as they are forbidding him from working. I don’t understand this at all.

    Why is the NCAA even involved in this? Its a bunch of pros playing together. This ruling is odd beyond belief.

    P.S.- John, I get that the particular commenter always seems to pick on the media, but I must say your response comment was a bit unfair. News is what people find newsworthy. In Kentucky, this story is much more newsworthy than the Ohio State investigation. Why not bug the NCAA to explain this decision? I would buy your paper for an answer to that question.