Tracy McGrady and Tampa remember Desmond Allison

With the news tonight that former Kentucky basketball player Desmond Allison was shot and killed in Columbus, Ohio, former NBA star Tracy McGrady remembers his friend via twitter.

Reports from Columbus say Allison died after being shot in the chest earlier this afternoon.

McGrady also tweeted this picture of Allison from high school.

Allison played two seasons at UK under Tubby Smith. He averaged 4.7 points as a freshman in 1998-99 and 7.8 as a sophomore in 1999-2000. He left school after getting in trouble under the school’s no-tolerance alcohol policy. Allison played basketball at NAIA’s Martin Methodist in Tennessee, then football at South Dakota State. He ran afoul of the law several times.

Writes John Cotey of the St. Petersburg Times:

When he left Robinson, he did so as arguably the county’s best dual athlete ever. As a football player, he had 38 catches, 15 for touchdowns, and on the basketball court he averaged a triple double: 34.5 points, 10.8 rebounds and 10 assists as a senior.

(Mike) DePue saw Allison last during the fall football season, when Allison stopped by to visit his former coach and the Knights.

“He was just Dez,” DePue said. “Happy go lucky and smiling. Man, this just beats you down when you see your children, when you see kids you helped raise die before you do. He was like one of my sons. I don’t know what else to say.”

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  1. 2dwin says:

    Des RIP Homie your are gone but never will be forgotten! Man I still rememeber like yesterday us balling in 4th Basketball Class with Coach Wager :) Man you will be missed my brother

  2. Edwin says:

    Des RIP my brother! You are gone but will never be forgotten! I still remember like yesterday balling in 4th period class with Coach Wager! You are the best to come out of Tampa and I always looked up to man. So sad to see you go so young! I know you in heaven my brother looking down on us. You will always be a legen! See you when I get there! Luv Lil E aka Edwin Warren

  3. Jamar Perkins says:

    Dez aka my Lil port Tampa basketball assasin! Lil bruh so many years have passed since we played our hearts out in the county boys & girls club championship and I still remember when I told u keep at it u r a star today jus wasn’t ur day and this was as I hoisted up the tourney MVP trophy and you watched. I will miss u Lil bruh ur spirit and talent proved to all tampa atheletes that if u want it go get it. Rembrant legend, Port Tampa suspertar, Robinson Legend, Kentucky super freshman…. RIP

  4. Nancy jAZZ says:

    I AM JUST A ALL AROUND SPORTS FAN, AND THIS IS SO SAD, GOD BLESS THE FAMILY AND FRIENDS OF DESMOND, HE IS IN A BETTER PLACE,Life is short please don’t take it away from someone. God is so good to us, why hurt,

  5. Ernest Carr says:

    The sports world has lost a superstar that many of you did not get the opportunity to see and those that did may never see such an all around athlete again. I met Dez after I PCS’d to MacDill Air Force Base, Tampa, Florida his sophomore year. My son (DeVonte”) was trying out for the Robinson Hgh School basketball team. He and Cedric Powell were like men among boys, their talent truly stood out. After a few games I realized then that Dez was extremely gifted and the only one that could stop Dez from succeeding as an athlete was “Dez”. He was a star on the rise. Could he have made some better choices in life, YES. But, we all could have made better choices at some point in our life. Unfortunately we never got the opportunity to see his brightest moment as an athlete. What a shame, because he was one of those individuals that you only get to see once in a lifetime. Gone but you will always be the G.O.A.T-Greatest of all Time (all-around athlete) in my eyes! I was blessed to have had the opportunity to meet you and now you can take your place on the Dream Team. RIP Dez!

    My prayers go out to the immediate family as well as the Port Tampa family.