Jon Hood’s father says ACL tear was a “freak thing”

Jon Hood

Jon Hood

Brian Hood, the father of UK junior Jon Hood, said tonight that his son’s torn ACL was the result of a non-contact injury that happened during a pick-up game late Monday nignt.

“He wasn’t hit or anything,” said Brian Hood via phone. “It was a non-contact injury where he just came down wrong, apparently. It was just a freak thing.”

Brian Hood said his son was “a little frustrated and a little upset” but that, “We’ll just try to find something positive out of this and move forward.”

UK announced the injury on Tuesday saying that Jon Hood would undergo surgery once the swelling subsides.

“I think he has a pretty bad bone bruise, which you get from a torn ACL,” said Brian Hood. “I think they just want things to calm down before they do the surgery. There’s no real timetable right now.”

He also said that it was disappointing in that Jon had worked hard all summer, getting his weight up to 215 pounds  while putting on some muscle.

“But there’s been no tears, no pity part,” he said. “He’s taken a lot better than a lot of people would have, probably a lot better than I would have.”

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