Bobby Petrino’s son arrested on drug and DWI charges

Nick Petrino

Nick Petrino

Nick Petrino, former Louisville Trinity quarterback and son of Arkansas head coach Bobby Petrino, was arrested early this morning in Indiana on drug and DWI charges.


The Huntingburg Police Department in southern Indiana said 23-year-old Dominic R. Petrino, of Fayetteville, Ark., was arrested at 12:06 a.m. Monday and charged with driving while intoxicated, possession of marijuana, illegal possession of prescription drugs and possession of paraphernalia.An outstanding quarterback on the high school level, Petrino transferred to Arkansas in the spring of 2009.

Nick Petrino had been a back-up quarterback on his father’s team at Fayetteville, but is no longer with the squad. After helping Louisville Trinity to two state titles, he spent a year at Georgetown College, redshirting before transferring to Arkansas Tech. He moved from there to Montana State-Northern in 2008.

Nick Petrino is 23. Here’s an interview he did last year.

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  1. Mary Jane says:

    So glad this drug abuser and drug dealer has gotten in trouble AGAIN! Thank God he didn’t kill someone while behind the wheel of his black Mercedes!

  2. Larry "Bob" Biswick says:

    Marijuana is not a drug. This kid is still an idiot, though.

  3. tafugate says:

    marijuana impairs a person’s ability to operate a motor vehicle safely. anyone thinking marijuana is not a drug is an idiot.

  4. Fed UP! says:

    I am fed up with these privileged rich kids who think that they can blow into my town for their sister’s wedding, and cause chaos in my neighborhood, doing what appears to be drugs with a neighbor, all the while thunmping around in his daddy’s mercedes like it is nothing to him. Indiana don’t play with drug charges, but I would not be surprised if once again (anyone recall the Trinity rumors??) his dumb daddy bails his loser son out of trouble. If this clown were not trying to be a coach (wow some role model there, Nick.)this would not be that disturbing, after all, lots of meatheads beget dumb meatheads who do drugs, but he had prescription pills with him, and I wonder where he obtained those from? Read Nick’s twitter, if you are smart you will figure things out about this stupid clown. Thank GOD this loser’s dad is no longer stinking up the Ville!

  5. faytown says:

    tough talk about a 23 year old kid.i assume none of the posters ever did anythhing stupid when they were that age?

    too bad his family’s life is public fodder but that’s how it goes these days.

    BTW- his dad is no longer “stinking up the ville” because he’s taking SEC teams to BCS bowls.

  6. WOW Finally! says:

    This kid has been nothing but trouble everywhere he has went. its about time things caught up with him. i truely hope he learns his lesson; but like so many have said, his daddy will probably just bail him out again like he has in the past, which of course has led him down this road time and time again because he thinks he’s untouchable! the kid is an idiot who has affected many lives for the worse on his path of destruction and his dad has enabled it the whole time. if anyone needs to be slapped its his father for letting this crap continue. to me, why would you want bobby as your head coach leading your football team when he clearly cant prioritize the needs of his own family and lead them in the right direction. pathetic and sad

  7. hog fan says:

    im guessing all the negative blogs are from the heart broke losers from kentucky, get over it, a coach is allowed to move on ya know. How many coaches stay in the same place for ever? you guys suck and you cant do crap without bobby petrino. as far as his son goes, young people do stupid stuff every day, and if you dont believe that, you must not have any kids.

  8. hog fan says:

    one more thing…bobby petrino is a good person and anyone who says any different is a moron. as far as stinking up the ville, you have lost more games the last two seasons than he lost the whole time he was in that dead end lousy job! he is a great coach, and i hope one day we schedule you guys as a non conference game so we can hang 65 on you. you just have to accept what you are, losers in a loser conference.