UK spokesman threatens writer’s credential over story

DeWayne Peevy, Kentucky’s associate athletics director for communications and the school’s main basketball contact, took to Twitter late last night (early morning) to react to a column by CBS Sports’ Garry Parrish about the recruitment of UK freshman Anthony Davis.

[Kentucky Sports Radio]

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  1. Ricky Bobby says:

    GREAT work by Peevy sticking up for his coach and players. Media members are a dime a dozen – deny one credential and there will be 200 other writers anxious to get into Rupp and cover the Cats.

  2. Alan says:

    Peevy just was saying what alot of us were thinking. Now if he could just take Tipton’s credential away too, then that would be fantastic.

  3. Pete says:

    I read Parrish’s article, and I don’t get what Peevy is all riled up about. I thought it was a very fair piece. The real bad guy is O’Brien.

  4. Dave says:

    DeWayne should yank Parrish’s credential. Rehashing a blatantly false rumor that is damaging to a kid’s reputation on a national sports blog, when there is no “new” news (and no one else has reported one thing about) just to get clicks? That seems to be the popular thing to do these days, and it’s time UK sent a message that it won’t be tolerated going forward.

  5. Rufus says:

    Clay needs to backstory briefly what the flap is about. Meanwhile, DeWayne has let the Cat out of the bag, sorta. “Write good stuff about us or begone.” He could have added: “Ain’t that why we give you hacks free tickets, free food, free parking places and free access? Hey, this is just entertainment and not serious “journalism.” You’re sportswriters, fer crissake. Not journalists. And besides, DeWayne could add, it’s not like we haven’t cheated before, so what new. So, no more free hot dogs for you, buddy.” I’m sure CBS can afford its own ticket, although why anyone would want to watch a bunch of brought-ons parading around in Kentucky uniforms puzzles me. I sure don’t. Go watch your local high school team. Some of the PE majors involved as just as crooked as UK, but at least they’re your kids — most of them, anyway.

  6. Larry says:

    Rufus, your post HATES EVERYBODY, In your opinion they may not be journalist, but they are being paid to write. Where as with you…YOU just Hate for free…As for the Players, these are 17, 18, year old young men, you should back off. Most ballers would love the opportunity to play for UK, that is a good thing. Rufus, now come on and hate on me, for free…

  7. Mark Liptak says:

    It’s interesting that since the Sun-Times reported this “story” back in August they have not published one item, one article, one column…nothing about it.

    Logically you’d figure the reporter would have done something in that time to follow up and again logically if there was something to it, you’d assume someone would have said something by now.

    Instead, nothing.

    What could have motivated Parrish to write this is beyond me other than the obvious, he wants clicks on his web site.

    Simply a shame what has happened to journalism in the past 30 years (and I lump the electronic media into that category as well.)

    Mark Liptak

  8. Cookie says:

    Why do you have a link to this ridiculous story?

  9. Alex says:

    UK needs to be careful. An us against the world mentaility never works out well for a college program.

  10. bigblue fan says:

    Way to go Larry! Rufus is a dummy anyway. Pretty obvious isn’t it?

  11. Marc says:

    It just proves that there truly are no journalistic standards for bloggers. Parrish knows anything connected to UK bumps up his page view numbers, which clearly trumps ethics when it comes to repeating a rumor that even the original writer had no sources to back up. Pathetic. We should all boycott CBS sports online. Just say no.

  12. simply put says:

    The press doesn’t receive a “ticket”, nor do they get to park for free. They pay for parking. They also work during the entire game. It’s not what you think it is covering games. That said, DeWayne Peevy is a great SID that knows when someone is scraping the bottom of last August’s barrel for rumors disguised as articles. Neither of the articles referred to here can be classified as journalism, unless you consider The Enquirer solid journalism.

  13. chers'ukcats says:

    This guy Parrish is just a hater, trying to stir up crap and getting unsubstantiated stories back in the media. I might mention with all the folks out there that love to hate UK – trust me if there was truth to a bad story on UK or Calipari it would be in the fore front and all over the media.

    So Parrish there are a lot of really good and true stories out there. Be a good boy and go chase one of them down……

    Oh and Hello. In Lexington there are only two things people care about…..UK basketball and Horses, in that order! Of course when a tall kid walks around the city people can’t wait to ask them if they play for UK and then talk to them about UK!!!! Idiot.

  14. BigBlueNationNYC says:

    I love the comment “Well it’s what many of us were thinking.” When is it Ok or even legal to write about what you’re thinking and presenting it as fact? What happened to writing about things you know? things you can corroborate?

    I’m a UK fan. I don’t care for UNC, Duke, or Louisville….Let’s see…..I thin that all of the players that go to those schools are criminals and I think that they all accepted/received illegal benefits from their coaches, and boosters…..well….that must mean it’s true…so I should us a national forum and write an articile implicating, or implying that my thoughts are true.

    I wonder how fast I would get hit with a lawsuit if I did such a thing. You know that it would be quick…fast….and in a hurry…

    If you don’t have facts, then shut up…..or as my father used to always say…”Just because you feel like talking….it doesn’t mean that someone feels like listening…..

    Keep your rumors and inuendos to yourself and present them only when you have the facts/proof. We’ve already go the National Enquirer for factless “journalism”.

  15. Sarah White says:

    It is obvious that John Clay wanted hits. Peevy did not threaten – if you know him even remotely (and I only do from the women’s clinic and emails), you would know he is not like that.

    John, perhaps you could look up sarcasm – and then, you would know that Mr. Peevy is not being threatening – and will not need legal protection – he is merely being sarcastic. Try to think of something on your own to right about – not a career relying on a silly tweet.