ESPN’s Telep asks: When does Kentucky strike first?

Dave Telep

Dave Telep

Writing for, Dave Telep gives his ten storylines for the July recruiting period.

Among the 10: When does Kentucky strike first?


Understand this, we aren’t pushing the panic button, but this is Big Blue Nation and you can never underestimate the passion Wildcats fans have for their Kentucky team. The facts are this: Kentucky has three straight No. 1-ranked recruiting classes, which is absurdly successful. However, coach John Calipari enters this summer without a single commitment in the 2012 class. If he’s to make it four straight No. 1’s, he’d better hurry because the clock is ticking. It’s almost like Calipari knows something about the NBA lockout no one else does, like a rule change keeping kids in college longer or something along those lines. Predicting where Kentucky’s first pledge comes from isn’t easy.

Dave talks more about the Kentucky situation from there, so click on the link.

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