Whitlock, Davis and those old “Laettner is gay” rumors

(AP photo)

(AP photo)

Taking a quick time-out from his double duties for Sports Illustrated and CBS, Seth Davis submitted to a “Real Talk” podcast with the great Jason Whitlock recently, and The Big Lead quickly picked out the good stuff.

All those Christian Laettner is/was gay rumors.

Davis lays the blame at the feet of former SI senior writer (disclosure: personal hero) Curry Kirkpatrick, who first wrote about the rumors for the magazine, only to quickly debunk said rumors.

Davis, a Duke alum who lived in Laettner’s dorm, claimed the whole thing was manufactured by Kirkpatrick, a North Carolina alum, even though Kirkpatrick uses a quote from Laettner in which the then All-American referenced the gay rumors.

The Big Lead makes a good point about how those rumors would be handled in today’s world of instant social media, and what the reaction would be if Sports Illustrated were to reference them in this day and age.

Of course, Laettner holds a special place in the hearts of Kentucky fans. That place is called angina. East Regional final 1992. Laettner’s shot. Just when you are about to forget No. 32 catching, turning and sinking that jumper, CBS dredges back up again in its March highlight reels. At least Rick Pitino reaped some commercial money out of it. For his part, Laettner is married with three children.

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