BBL: Coach says Liggins has nastiness Orlando needs

(UK photo)

(UK photo)

Thursday is uniform day. Kentucky football will unveil its new grid unis Thursday afternoon, via Nike.

But as for Wednesday, DeAndre Liggins was introduced as a member of the Orlando Magic. DeAndre says he has a chip on his shoulder. Stan Van Gundy said ‘Dre has the edge to his personality a great defensive player needs.

Also, there’s Matthew Mitchell and names. Perry Ellis gets an award. Josh Clemson is touted. And one Florida newspaper doesn’t see a whole lot of change in the upcoming Kentucky football team.

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  1. Eric says:


    You seem unusually held up by other people’s salaries. Mitch Barnhart, Cal, Joker, Joker’s staff, and now Lee Todd. why not put it all out there and reveal your salary so that your critisims at least come from a fair playing field?


  2. John Clay says:

    Unusually? And I don’t remember ever writing or blogging anything about Joker’s staff salaries, other than (maybe) how they compare to the rest of the SEC.

  3. Eric says:

    Just seems to this reader that there is an underlying jealousy from you towards folks who are successful financially. if they can get that money, good for them. don’t begrudge them for it.

  4. John Clay says:

    You bet I’m jealous of anyone who can retire from their job and get another job pulling in $162 grand from a university that continues to raise tuition because it says it lacks funds.