Post says Calipari’s extension won’t stop Knicks rumors

Writing for the New York Post’s Knicks blog, Marc Berman doesn’t believe that the contract extension Kentucky gave basketball coach John Calipari on Monday will squelch rumors about Cal and the NBA.

An excerpt:

Though he has told confidants he would only go to the NBA in a dual role as president/coach, it would be unlikely Knicks owner James Dolan would consider him for both positions. However, it is not inconceivable to him to be considered as head coach once Mike D’Antoni’s contract is up after next season, especially with CAA’s Mark Warkentien helping call the shots and CAA’s Chris Paul on the Knicks 2012 point guard radar. Warkentien was instrumental in the Knicks picking Kentucky center Josh Harrellson in the second round of last week’s draft.

Most of the Calipari/Knicks speculation has centered around Calipari’s relationship with Creative Artists Agency, which employs (among others) William Wesley. In fact, in the original contract released Monday, a copy was to be sent to CAA Sports LLC in New Jersey to the attention of Calipari’s agent, Leon Rose. CAA also represents LeBron James, Dwayne Wade and current Knick, Carmelo Anthony. Deron Williams is also reported to be switching to Rose.

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  1. ukforlife says:

    Love the rumors, They keep the recruits looking to the coach who is at the top.
    They keep UK in the news and they keep Cal’s name before the public. There is no need for a UK fan to work themselves into a frenzy until Cal says he is leaving UK. He loves it at UK and the NBA has no real lime light for him. They rumor that he wants to succeed in the NBA and you can argue the point that he wants to win a NCAA championship. So until he resigns UK I am a fan that believes he will retire at UK. I heard that he is going to run for Governor of
    Ky and a possible shot at the Presidency of the United States.

  2. phillip holloway says:

    Let the Knicks have Crapilari!! He’s gonna get em in trouble with NCAA eventually anyway!! Mr. ONE and DONE!!

  3. phillip holloway says:

    The Cats sold their sold to the devil with this crook! And they will rue the day they ever laid eyes on him! GO U of L!! At least Rick didn’t have a room at Wildcat Lodge reserved for the NCAA investigators!!