Comparing Kentucky and Duke’s recent draft history

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With Duke’s Kyrie Irving the apparent numero uno choice, while Kentucky’s Enes Kanter and Brandon Knight expected to be close behin din tonight’s pro basketball draft, decided to take a look back at how Kentucky and Duke have fared over the last 10 NBA drafts.

Duke has had 12 players drafted during that span. UK has had 10.

If you restrict the criteria to the past five years, the Cats beat the Blue Devils 8-3.

As we know, UK had the overall No. 1 pick last year with Washington taking John Wall. Duke’s last overall No. 1 pick? In 1999, the Chicago Bulls took Elton Brand with the top pick. Duke also had the No. 1 overall pick in 1963 when the New York Knicks took Art Heyman.

Click the continue line for the inevitable chart.

The chart:

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