Dennis Thomas’ former school counts vacated wins

David Teel of the Newport News Daily Press picked up on Sunday column about Kentucky fans unearthing other instances of schools continuing to include “vacated” victories in official publications and web sties.

David found a fascinating discovery.

Turns out Dennis Thomas, the MEAC commissioner and current chair of the NCAA’s Committee on Infractions, the man whose name is signed to the letter instructing Kentucky to cease counting John Calipari’s “vacated” victories, was the athletic director at Hampton for 12 seasons.

And guess what? Yes, you guessed it.

Hampton is counting “vacated” victories.

An excerpt:

But Kentucky faithful missed the most glaring.

MEAC member Hampton, where Thomas served as athletic director from 1990-2002.

Less than a year into Thomas’ HU tenure, the NCAA sanctioned the Pirates for lack of institutional control and for using an ineligible football player in 1986 and two in 1987. Per HU president William Harvey’s recommendation, the NCAA ordered the Pirates to forfeit their 12 football victories from 1986 and ’87.

Yet page 143 of HU’s 2010 media guide, lists the Pirates’ records for those seasons as 3-6-1 and 9-3 with no mention of the NCAA sanctions.

David goes on to point out this was not a one-time oversight. Read the rest of his blog post for details.

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