Jay Bilas tweets it to NCAA over Calipari celebration

ESPN’s Jay Bilas is no fan of the NCAA. He’s also one Dookie that UK fans can abide.

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  1. DHagy says:

    Mr. Bilas just made himself another fan! Great hilarity in his tweets.

  2. DonInFlorida says:

    When you consider the fact that Ohio State’s letter from the NCAA concerning Tressel covering up, players selling swag for tattoos, and players driving dealership cars was 8 pages, and UK’s letter of reprimand for congratulating Calipari’s 500 wins was 5 pages, do you think there might be an agenda here?

  3. s.smith says:

    Coach Cal can handle the NCAA. The NCAA hates Coach Cal for always pushing the envelope in the recruiting area. Who cares when he technically achieves 500 Wins ?? Coach Cal might care if he got a bonus for 500 wins. UK can hang a banner for Coach Cals 500 Wins in the NCAA. I got 500 Wins NCAA Tee Shirt last month at you local yocal shop.