Add Alabama football to list including “vacated” wins

Nick Saban

Nick Saban

Add Alabama to the list of schools that are defying NCAA rules and continuing to list vacated victories in coaches records.

In this case, we’re talking about Alabama athletic web site with regards to football coach Nick Saban.

This from the Alabama web site:

Named the 27th head football coach in UA history on January 3, 2007, Saban owns an overall record of 139-67-1 (.674) in 16 seasons as a head coach, having also led programs at Louisiana State (LSU), Michigan State and Toledo, as well as in the NFL with the Miami Dolphins. At each of his five stops, he has improved the win-loss record in his first year when compared to the previous season. Prior to Saban’s arrival, those teams posted a combined average winning percentage of .387. In the first season with Saban at the helm, a .617 winning percentage was achieved.

The 139 wins, which includes Saban’s 15 wins as an NFL head coach, reflects his record before last season when Alabama went 10-3.

So by that standard, Saban should have 149 wins, according to Alabama.

The Saban win total: At Toledo, 1990 (9); at Michigan State, 1995 (6), 1996 (6), 1997 (7), 1998 (6), 1999 (9). At LSU, 2000 (8), 2001 (10), 2002 (8), 2003 (13), 2004 (9). At Alabama, 2007 (7), 2008 (12), 2009 (14), 2010 (10).

Totals: Toledo (9), Michigan State (34), LSU (48), Alabama (43). Now add 15 NFL wins for grand total of 149.

But to get to 149 Saban victories, you have to include five wins at Alabama in 2007 that were later “vacated” by the NCAA. The Committee on Infractions ruled in 2009 that five of the Crimson Tide’s wins that season were to be “vacated” as part of penalties levied against the athletic program.

So by NCAA record-keeping, instead of going 7-6 that season, Saban actually went 2-6.

So his overall record before this season was 134-67-1, not the record currently being given (139-67-1) in Saban’s bio on the Alabama web site.

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