Who to believe in Tony Woods’ recruitment?

(Nike photo)

Tony Woods (Nike photo)

Big Blue Nation is abuzz this morning over the eighth paragraph of an Andy Katz story on ESPN which seems to say that Tony Woods is coming to Kentucky.

The excerpt:

“The school did a full-blown hearing,” said Grace, who also once represented former Wake Forest center Tony Woods in an assault case dealing with his girlfriend and the mother of their child that was dropped down to a no contest on the assault charge. Woods was dismissed from Wake Forest for the semester and Grace said the one-time Louisville commit told him he will likely go to Kentucky.

But on Sunday, Woods’ former coach suggested that Texas was the leader.

The excerpt:

Maynard noted that Woods entered Wake Forest with Al-Farouq Aminu with the understanding that the two would play together and then enter the NBA together. Aminu played for the Los Angeles Clippers this past season. As for Woods, he attended a two-year school in Louisville this academic year after asking for his release from Wake Forest because of the bad publicity surrounding the incident with his girlfriend and a subsequent suspension by Coach Jeff Bzdelik.

“Tony still has aspirations to play pro ball,” Maynard said. “I’m sure the chance to play right away makes it more favorable for Texas.”

Of course, the question remains should Kentucky take Woods, considering his past conviction on an assault charge. There’s still time to vote in the poll.

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  1. kentucky says:

    Knowing Calipari, he will take a flyer on this kid. He has already got the upper graces of the UK admin to sign him.

  2. chukas14 says:

    If we take Woods it will be like spitting in the face of Eloy Vargas. Vargas has paid his dues and is expected to be a decent contributor off the bench next season. He gets no minutes if Woods comes. Maybe Woods is a better player. And if we were in the NBA I’d say go for it. But this is college ball. Let’s show some loyalty to guys we’ve already committed to.

  3. Megan says:

    Kentucky should take Woods if he can make a significant contribution. He’s got the size, but is he any good? He came off the bench at Wake and did not put up impressive numbers. Is he a good defender? Maybe we could use that size against teams that feature a big center. I dunno. It’s Cal’s call, not ours!

    P.S. The anti-spam word for posting this comment was “pugilism.” Hm.

  4. Greg says:

    Go for it cal. We need a big bodied man in the post. Bring eloy and ttony off the bench together and have the “twin towers”. Eloy is good and a fine player but i dont think he’ll improve much, (hope im wrong). Woods can be the big man to stand up to Zeller and the other big boys. Eloy and Tony can provide quality bench minutes and points.

  5. Buechel says:

    i hope and pray we do not take a kid who beat up his GF. We are Kentucky and should have higher standards than this. When will Cal understand that? Rather have class kids like Josh Harrelson who work hard than some thug who is supposedly good.